Chapter 2 – Creating your GitScrum Account and Choosing your Plan

Chapter 2

Hello! You are about to become a GitScrum user, which means managing your activities will be like never before. You are just one step from becoming more productive, putting your ideas into practice, and working to achieve your goals.

Here you will learn how to create your GitScrum account, start your experience with this amazing product, and how to recover your account, if necessary.

How to create your GitScrum account

On our website , go to the “Get 7-Day Free Trial” on the header bar, or the central “Get Started Now” button to create a new account:

Then, fill in your data on the fields that will appear to you on the “Create an Account” screen:

Remember to keep your password safe somewhere, although you can recover it later, if necessary.

How to Login into your GitScrum Account

On our website, go to the button “Sign in” on the header bar, to login into your GitScrum account:

How to Recover my GitScrum Password

In case you lost your password, it’s possible to recover it. Go to Fill in the required fields, submit it, and you’ll receive an email from GitScrum with instructions to reset your password.

Choosing Your GitScrum Plan

Before signing up for a GitScrum account, consider a few aspects. Do you handle many teams in your company? How many workspaces do you need, to be able to manage their activities?

All GitScrum plans are great and offer you the features for project management, but one of them is perfect for you!

To select your plan, go to our website, and get started

GitScrum Team Plan

Teams seeking to skyrocket their ability to collaborate. Improving or getting started with Agile and Scrum so you can finish more work together.

It’s the ideal option for companies working with a few or several projects, teams, and team leaders at a time, so they can handle management with more workspaces and users, who interact, share information, and see only the projects they are involved with. Learn more about the Team plan

GitScrum Corporate Plan

Ideal for companies scaling operations and projects, and need more Workspaces to hold more projects for their numerous clients and team members. Learn more about the Corporate Plan

GitScrum Unlimited

Ideal for companies developing large scale projects, this plan handles their expected growth with unlimited Workspaces and users. Learn more about the Unlimited Plan

NOTE: See Chapter 3 to see how to configure the White Label feature.