4 Audiobooks on Helping Your Company Become Great

Useful audiobooks on leadership and productivity


Business leaders need to deal with both internal and external challenges, and how they respond to these challenges dictates how the company does. But as Thrive Global reports, the pandemic has added to these struggles due to leaders having to engage remote employees, sustain sales, and manage finances. Fortunately, there are good resources that can help guide you through these challenges — and among them are audiobooks. These are quite easy to consume as you can listen to them anytime and anywhere regardless of what you’re doing. For busy business leaders, audiobooks are a great way to enjoy informative written works as they can be finished within a day or two. With that, below are four audiobooks that can help you make your company better:

Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

The word “work” can bring with it negative connotations such as tedious paperwork, meetings, and nine-to-five days. Now, as the title suggests, Rework will present non-traditional approaches to business. This is a fun audiobook that has attention-grabbing chapter titles like “Meetings are toxic” and “Drug dealers get it right.” But behind these titles are practical ideas that go against many established norms in business. For example, the chapter entitled “Scratch your own itch” talks about Fried and Hansson’s idea of having only four workdays a week. Many were heavily against it as they misinterpreted it to mean squeezing the typical 40-hour workweek into four days — when in reality, the idea was to work eight hours a day for only four days a week. Rework runs for only three hours.

Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

Being promoted to a leadership position seems like a natural next step in your career. However, Brown discusses in Dare to Lead that stepping into a leadership role isn’t simply a culmination of your hard work. Instead, it’s also a new challenge where you need to redesign for the better the culture you were appointed to lead. The audiobook talks about the skill sets that make a daring leader, the most important of which is vulnerability. Brown explains that being vulnerable is human — and when you show your employees that you’re a leader who owns up to mistakes, occasionally becomes unsure, and also needs help, then you’re also encouraging them to be more open. Dare to Lead runs for around eight hours.

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Every company has the potential to be great. Unfortunately, not all of them are brave enough to take risks that will make them great. However, the path to greatness isn’t as obvious as you might think it is. In the audiobook Good to Great, Collins discusses his findings on what makes and what doesn’t help make a company great. For one thing, having well-defined strategies won’t necessarily make your company stand out. After all, aside from thinking of what you should do, you should also focus on what to not do to be great. This audiobook presents “the flywheel” concept, which talks about the process of going from good to great. In a nutshell, this involves disciplined people, thought, and action. Good to Great runs for nine hours.

Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Communication is integral in every team, and business leaders are always looking for ways to improve it. One way to do this is through gamification, and Leonardo Salles from GitScrum says that this makes learning about organizational culture and forming better relationships in the team more fun. Moreover, Radical Candor can further direct what kind of communication you can improve on. Radical Candor is actually the name of a communication principle coined by Scott. This is essentially a person’s ability to praise and criticize at the same time. The audiobook will help you hone this ability to better guide your team to success. Radical Candor runs for around 12 hours.

Article was specially written for Gitscrum.com By Wynne Willis