5 Steps to Impact Verbal Communication in your Company with Agile

To a company work well, leaders and whole staff need to talk. If there is no verbal communication to settle things up, your journey to succeed may fail.

One of the main foundations of verbal communication in companies is the exchange of understandings and the attempt to give instructions or expose some rules in a given environment.

From this perspective, it is necessary to point out their differences. See how they are manifested, and how they are used in corporate media.

Therefore, it is worth noting that verbal communication concerns any form of expression, whether spoken or written. In contrast, non-verbal language is manifested through gestures, an individual’s posture, and visual expression.

To make proper approaches among team members, you will understand how you can set an effective verbal communication in a company. GitScrum features are perfect tools that will help you verbalize and connect more with your peers.

What is effective communication?

Effective communication is a necessary skill for every human being, especially in the world we live in, as companies increasingly value it. And more and more professionals are more aware of the importance of good communication, seeking to continually improve it.

Courses and programs aimed at improving communication in everyday life and eliminating, for example, the fear of public speaking are highly sought after by executives. And these leaders have already realized that the ability to communicate is a career booster. 

GitScrum has tools that help you create effective verbal communication. Its features provide the best alternatives to get attention to improve communication among members. They will certainly give you options to facilitate connections to boost results.

How important are these types of communication for the development of a company?

After all, from a job interview to the behavior that a certain employee will take within the institution, there is the use of verbal actions.

Thus, it is evident that companies are looking for professionals who know how to maintain good interpersonal relationships. Also, a tool like GitScrum’s Wiki helps members develop their ideas in a clear and participatory manner. This feature creates a fair environment to share thoughts and strengthen bonds among peers.

Thus, when it comes to verbal communication, some points are extremely relevant. Looking for a handshake, conveying an idea of ​​respect and trust, avoiding bowing your head all the time during company lectures, and keeping good eye contact with everyone.

What are the main forms of verbal communication that a company needs?

In the foreground, when dealing with verbal language, the use of the voice is the main tool, as it is necessary to have good control and speak with good intonation.

When it comes to non-verbal language, some points demonstrate intolerance and disrespect, such as crossed arms and legs. In addition, see whether your organization adopts any pattern of clothing such as more casual or more formal clothes.

For this, GitScrum’s Mind Mapping adds communication in pivotal planning before its goes to real life. This feature aims to help you visualize communication codes and see all relevant steps.

How important is the connection in verbal communication?

Business synergy in the communication field needs to be developed, as this process aims to align a company’s goals and objectives, making it harmonious and productive.

In this way, through media resources, the message can be spread widely, so that everyone can understand what its objective and intention are. With GitScrum’s Time Tracking, verbal and non-verbal communication in companies needs to be stimulated and improved every day. This tool looks for putting you in charge of your time. Create tasks and see when you start and finish them.

Market relationship

There is an entire operation of a business to use based on communication. It is also essential for the relationship with the market.

Using GitScrum’s Boards, you will see that your organization must have a communication process. The difference is that not all of them do it consciously, directing efforts towards clear goals. And the number of companies that value verbal communication as much as non-verbal communication is even smaller.

Increase Dialogue with verbal communication

Do not have information noise, and increase employee engagement levels.

Companies that work well with non-verbal communication in addition to oral and written tradition can better measure the organizational climate. With GitScrum’s User Stories, leaders in this type of company tend to easily visualize the messages sent by their subordinates, even when they don’t verbalize them. This feature helps you understand your teams’ issues and demands to fix in the future.

Influence on negotiation processes

You can check the relationship between a salesperson and a customer as a practical example of non-verbal communication. By issuing a balanced posture, with the use of appropriate clothing for each occasion and a cordial gesture, sales professionals may be able to complete more negotiations.

With GitScrum’s Spreadsheet, you will be able to analyze the behavior of managers who manage to motivate and engage their teams. This tool arranges data and information about the negotiation process. They usually send out positive messages without even uttering words.

His integrity, cordial and helpful posture is enough to inspire people to work at their best. They inspire confidence and make everyone willing to follow their guidelines.

5 stages of communication

Communication is essential in every relationship and in some phases, you need to improve the results in your career and also in the company.

1. Basic Communication

This level runs all over us as you enter the company and greet everyone with a “good morning” or “hello”. It is basic because it does not generate commitment, approximation, or any other type of relationship.

Use GitScrum’s Workspaces to collaborate tasks with your peers. You can invite members to be part of your workspace and start good communication with them.

2. Routine Communication

After the initial greeting, you propose a brief dialogue. This is a common stage in companies, widely used by the administrative department, for example.

With GitScrum’s Task Checklist, you will be able to check your tasks daily or weekly. It is a remarkable tool that you can control tasks and after finishing them, check out all of them. This is definitely some routine communication for every team member.

3. Communication of Ideas

It is a stage in which the professional begins to feel freer to reflect on the topic discussed.

Upon reaching this level of communication, the person is more prone to professional growth, as they more easily expose their ideas.

Again, GitScrum’s Discussions is a perfect feature for sharing ideas. This tool is an open and free space for brainstorming ideas and discussing fairly the next steps of the company.

4. Effective Communication

Communication begins to reach a managerial level, where decisions you make consistently. People communicate more clearly, with a softer voice. You condition the weight of authority on power but on the responsibility of the exposed decisions.

When you use GitScrum’s Sprints, you will the rise of communication productivity. This feature aims for every member to fulfill their duties within a week, following a burndown chart. It will help you increase effective communication among your teammates to favor your company.

5. Communication by Results

Professionals at this stage involve meetings and time is a precious asset. Previous communications, 1 and 2 with the majority of the company dedicate themselves to serve communication 3 and 4 professionals.

As soon as you get GitScrum’s Rock Star Team, you will feel the responsibility to bring out results. And this gamified feature helps you develop and deliver tasks. due to rewards by your company. There will a healthy competition to evolve as a professional and show efficient outcomes.

The Power of Effective Communication

The leader’s task is to improve the company in the different stages of communication, thus providing conditions for growth and commitment, so that each professional can overcome their limits.

Thus, a professional can have some skills.  However, if he does not know how to communicate effectively, he will probably have more difficulties in obtaining good opportunities.

It is important to clarify that when you talk about knowing how to communicate, you are not referring to extroverted people who talk a lot, as shy individuals can also be great communicators.

With GitScrum features, effective communication is one in which the individual knows how to filter and organize the information. Your company must pass on and choose the ideal channel to be used to convey its idea. That is, whether in person, by email, phone, or videoconference, for example.