7 Tips to Promote you as a Dietitian and Nutritionist with GitScrum

Are you a dietitian and nutritionist, looking for strategies to promote yourself as an expert worldwide? Did you know project management with GitScrum can help you? Consolidate your personal brand and be away from your competitors. We prepared some rich suggestions for you to apply integrated communication and make your previous efforts worthwhile.

Today’s Competitive Scenario on Social Media

With the progression of the digital age, most dietists and nutritionists, like you, are making a lot of effort to promote themselves on social media. This is great and has lots of potentials to bring clients and results in the long term, or even sooner. It depends on your investment capacity. However, their present challenge is to stand out, when all professionals are competing for the audience’s attention. It’s hard to cause impact, doing the same kind of actions. That’s quite the same situation for service providers of other working areas.

The Way to Stand Out

As long most nutritionists produce the same kind of content and campaigns, you would need to deliver more to surpass them. Instead of that, try to differentiate your actions, creating strategies with GitScrum project management.

Here are 7 tips to promote yourself – locally, regionally, nationally, and even worldwide:

1. Plan Integrated Communication with GitScrum

It’s excellent that you produce and publish content on social media, have a website and publish ad campaigns to attract clients. The point here is that it’s important to coordinate all these actions, so they make sense together towards your goals.

Gitscrum helps entrepreneurs, small business owners and autonomous workers to plan and manage their yearly and monthly actions. No matter if you are a solo planner or ask for the help of a consultant, you can order your projects to put them into practice and make your life easier during your routine. Stop feeling overwhelmed with a stack of random things to do. GitScrum helps you establish them logically, and just follow the flow.

With friendly workflow, project templates, and daily tasks on the GitScrum Board, you will:
– manage your social media project, creating an editorial calendar;
– list the content to attract, engage, catch and retain clients;
– plan and manage marketing campaigns with paid ads;
– ideate promotional actions and partnerships with other professionals, collabs;
– create your references bank, creating tasks you researched from the web;
– collaborate with counselors, teammates, assistants, or partners you may invite to a project;
– monitor your pending actions and accomplishments.

2. Create a Public Project Promoting Healthy Eating Habits for Your Target Audiences

You can be sure most of your professional mates have no idea what it’s about. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t, as well. Although public projects exist for some time now, they initially became popular in other markets (like software and education). It’s an emerging trend that some digital nomads, influencers and head chefs are starting to use to create interactive campaigns and community collaboration. It’s also excellent for branding purposes and your promotion as a professional.

A public project can have many purposes (social, entertainment, cultural, public utility, health promotion, brand promotion, or all of them). It is a project like any other you will create inside your project management tool – like GitScrum. What makes it different than a regular project is the fact that you will make it public to the published on the web (www), so anyone can read its content. And you can invite volunteer participants in, to interact and add testimonials and comments on their experiences.

You will choose a Workflow template for your project, like any other, invite the guests, and include the tasks (activities) for them with due dates, which will be seen as “challenges”. When you create your project, you can choose to sort it like a Gamification project type, so this will give you the opportunity to create fun competitions among the guests and offer them kind rewards in the end. People love games, and you would be creating your own “Reality Show”, and reporting it daily on your social media, too!

You should probably start by defining your primary (main) target audience, if you wish to attract patients that are adults, teenagers, children, elderly, people with diet restrictions, vegetarians, vegans, familiar nutrition, etc. It’s just a suggestion because choosing a niche will facilitate making your project popular.

3. Create a Collaborative Team Building with Healthy Gastronomy

An additional possibility you have with a public project is to create a Healthy Gastronomic Team Building, where you will be the Head Chef. That means you will invite your guests and patients to participate in volunteer terms, publish your weekly recipes and share your dishes pictures, as well as the “how-to” videos, so you send visitors to your social media channels, and exchange mentions with your partners.

Invite media influencers and partners to boost your public projects projection.

You can also use Gitscrum Wiki to publish articles recipes and nutritional tables.

4. Have a Custom Brand Project Management Tool with GitScrum White Label

Once you will do something, do it well. When you start an action and call partners and people to participate, you must make sure YOUR BRAND must be the one to stand out and lead the activities. It’s ok to let others shine, just use your space the best way you can, and Gitscrum thought about this for you. With the White Label feature, you can replace the Gitscrum logo and showcase your logo instead, on the top of every public project. Use a favicon image (navigator icon), your domain address and email address. Create subdomains for specific projects and show how professional you are. That will demonstrate you are in it to win it, miles away from amateurs.

5. Create Didactical Nutritional Graphs with GitScrum Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is great to stimulate your creativity and brainstorms, but it’s also a tool to generate content that your patients and followers can easily understand and appreciate. Nutritional tables of “must do” and “must avoid” are ok in some occasions, but they are quite long and sometimes tedious. One resource doesn’t eliminate the other.

Use GitScrum Mind Mapping to create friendly reminders and summaries of food items, healthy goals and habits for your audience. Share them on the web and be recognized as an expert author.

6. Lead Studies and Researches with GitScrum Sprints

Do you know another powerful way to build credibility before your potential clients? Develop studies and researches on your own, with small groups of volunteers, and share them on the web, too. You can plan this involving health professional partners with varied expertise and educational institutions if you want. GitScrum Sprints are excellent for you to monitor individual goals, so you can propose equal objectives for two small groups who follow different methods, and compare them. Or try to prove a thesis with only one group, monitoring the patients’ daily progress. The best of all is that you can do most of the job remotely, with people sending their result proofs or using the criteria you find most appropriate.

7. Add Videos with Testimonials

In every project you create, Wiki page and research, remember to ask participants to include their testimonial videos and exchange mentions with you on the web. As soon as they send you the URL links, embed them into your content spaces into GitScrum and social media, to spread the word about your work.

Expanding your community and collaborating with others will help you reach your goals and facilitate your work life. Using GitScrum to manage all your tasks and assignments will make your journey more agreeable, feasible and attainable. If you want to skyrocket your productivity and scale results, think strategically. Discover project management is for all kinds of entrepreneurs who want to win their daily battles at ease, knowing what they need to do next to climb one more step of the stairway to success.