8 Strategies to Promote Fitness Workers on the Web

As a fitness worker, you must probably be always looking for ways to surpass your own knowledge and offer the ultimate methodologies for your clients.

Do you have any idea how to manage your activity as a business to make it grow, as well as your marketing and branding actions to promote you as an authority in your area? Project management with GitScrum is the solution for you.

Manage your personal brand and be away from your competitors. Apply different communication strategies, innovate on services and consolidate your brand before your clients and the community.

How to Become Competitive in the Digital Age

In this social media era, seems like all professionals are producing and publishing online content. This is really an awesome way to demonstrate your work and communicate with people online. However, you probably noticed how hard it is to stand out, while everyone creates similar content, and not everyone who follows you has the potential to become a client. This is a common challenge in all professions. If you want to be ahead, you need to do something different.

Render the Path to Success

With GitScrum project management, you have the features to help you think and work more strategically. Create different actions and campaigns to promote yourself as a fitness worker – from your region to worldwide:

1. Plan Marketing Projects with GitScrum

Coordinate your branding activities, by creating an innovative Marketing Workspace. Then, organize all your marketing projects, so you integrate them. Your social media content must relate to your promotions, campaigns and events.

Plan and manage your yearly and monthly actions with GitScrum, and monitor them with GitScrum Gantt Charts.

GitScrum Board helps you organize your workflow, and be in charge of your daily tasks of all projects: social media and editorial calendar, customer relationship, paid traffic campaigns, promotional actions, email marketing shots, press office coverage and events. It’s the ideal platform for you to ideate and put your projects into practice.

2. Present an Exclusive Brandy Project Management Tool with GitScrum White Label

You know better than anyone that sometimes it’s hard for clients to tell professional trainers from amateurs. Everything you do to present your brand and services count. Prepare the environment to demonstrate professionalism and offer services remotely in the digital age: make sure YOUR BRAND is the one to stand out in your events and projects. Use the White Label feature to replace the Gitscrum logo and display your logo instead, on all your projects. Apply a favicon image (navigator icon), your domain address and email address. Create subdomains for clients and move your projects to another level. That will differentiate you as a professional. With all the GitScrum features, show you are prepared to support clients wherever they move.

3. Promote Sports and Jogging Routines

Create a public project to promote healthy exercising habits and routines. A public project is a project like any other, inside your project management tool, but instead of being private (shared with a few people), it is shared publicly on the web, so anyone can visualize it on the read-only mode. It is largely used to create interactive campaigns and community collaboration. And it’s also excellent for branding actions and to promote some special work from yours to the audience.

You can create a public project with many purposes – social, entertainment, cultural, public utility, health promotion, brand promotion, or all of them. After you create it, you can invite volunteers to participate in it, to tell their experience with your brand and services, testimonials and comments.

If you want to create something even more different, you can create a Gamification project to engage participants. Create challenges (exercise tasks) for them, then they will be ranked. In the end, they will be rewarded according to their performance. Rewards can be anything you want – service bonus, web coupons, event tickets, a team T-shirt. Remember to promote and integrate this action with your social media, with daily posts.

To make your project popular, remember to set your target audience – adults, athletes, families, kids, teenagers, women, amateur runners, yoga practitioners. Know who you want to talk to, and you’ll have more chances to reach them. You can also invite media officers to empower your projects promotion.

4. Create Sports Team Building

If you work like a sports coach, you can also create a Sports Team Building with your public project. Invite professional or amateur athletes and players to participate, propose challenges and remote events to them, with guidance content (images and videos). Use participants’ content to exchange relevance and mentions on social media channels.

You can also use Gitscrum Wiki to publish articles on the results obtained by the team with your training.

5. Offer VIP Content to Clients and Followers

You can create and offer restricted content to those followers who got interested in “knowing more”, after reading short texts on your social media. You have the chance to make it clear that some of the content is only for clients, subscribers, or make it public for all.

Write and publish articles on scientific/technical topics, or tell your experience and results with a group with GitScrum Wiki.

Store and offer files for download, like guides, manuals with GitScrum Documents.

GitScrum Mind Mapping can be used to create didactical graphs and maps, and share them on the web.

6. Lead Research / Masterful Projects with GitScrum Sprints

You can also use GitScrum Sprints to run an academic or professional study or research, and demonstrate a thesis. This will be useful to reinforce your credibility as a health and education professional. In this case, your “team” will be your group of volunteers you are analysing, and you will have to create tasks and goals, engaging them during the GitScrum Sprints. Then you will monitor individual performance day by day, comparing the expected results with the actual one. In the end, you will publish results and your conclusion. You can even do all this remotely, provided that participants prove their accomplishments somehow.

7. Add Content with Testimonials

Ask all the guest participants in your projects to publish their testimonial text and videos there. Exchange mentions with them on the web, and embed their content into all your channels, to increase your visibility.

Expanding your community and collaborating with others will help you reach your goals and facilitate your work life. Using GitScrum to manage all your tasks and assignments will make your journey more agreeable, feasible and attainable. If you want to skyrocket your productivity and scale results, think strategically. Discover project management is for all kinds of entrepreneurs who want to win their daily battles at ease, knowing what they need to do next to climb one more step of the stairway to success.

8. Use Events’ Promotions

Create analog GitScrum Wiki pages to existing famous events that your clients will participate in, with your brand. Example: if you work as a running coach (e. g. “Fire Team”, and your coachees will be present in a famous marathon, create the page “Fire Team at the Berlin Marathon”. To avoid copyright issues, make sure you don’t try to look like the official event website, and don’t use its logo, if it’s not allowed. Check image permissions and include the information that is relevant about how to participate in the event with your team, which services you will offer (tour, support for senior amateur runners, etc).

You can create a subdomain for your project and page, and make them public for everyone on the web.

Here are just a few hints of how GitScrum can help you promote yourself as a personal trainer, and manage your fitness business. Results come from integrated efforts, not isolated ones. So, if you want to stand out in the market, lean on a complete platform that helps you think globally.

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