Apply your Marketing Vision with GitScrum

Marketing is an important area in every type of business. You must have it to help you increase your company, regardless of your target audience. To reach your team members with a powerful voice of the community, marketing vision is also a great weapon of belonging somewhere.

Moreover, Marketing is about taking on your end-user, which your public or about to be a loyal public. And one of the good Marketing qualities is managing it in every aspect and reaching goals with a wider public approach.

For marketing to bring sustainable results, it is necessary to have research, planning, strategy, measurement, and processes that organize all these activities.

Applying your marketing vision to your team to reach your target audience is crucial to increase a sense of culture, work, and motivation to deliver more results. And using GitScrum, a well-rounded project management tool, will help you manage your marketing vision and never waste time delivering tasks.

You will learn how to apply your marketing vision in your company to increase results with the GitScrum greatest features after you finish reading this article!

What is marketing management?

Marketing management is the activity of managing processes, people, and marketing strategies to generate market value and meet organizational goals and objectives.

When we talk about marketing vision, we think about advertising and product promotion. But the area encompasses much more than that. Within marketing, there are also market research activities, pricing, product design, distribution strategies, press relations, and many others.

It is the marketing manager that organizes and aligns all these activities and the people involved. So that they have the best performance in the market and help the company achieve its goals.

That’s what makes marketing management a key factor in developing a business. Generally, a management team manages all campaigns and optimizes the company’s performance. It diagnoses, analyzes, and makes decisions based on your results.

GitScrum provides many features that will help marketing managers to input marketing vision among members and set great strategies to reach new customers. They will make you feel confident to manage and monitor every team task in the whole marketing inner process.

 3 tools of good marketing management vision

For marketing management to work, it is necessary to follow specific objectives and think of the process as if it were a whole. Also, copying competitors’ strategies and tactics are not recommended. Your company needs to have single management that aims to meet your specific needs. And GitScrum gives you a hand to use these marketing tools wisely.

1. Marketing planning management

Your company will not be able to move forward without planning. And Good planning leads the marketing and management team along a strategic path that has already been formulated.

1.1 Make the diagnosis

First, recognize the company’s strengths and weaknesses, analyzing how you can improve them.

How is the visibility of your business? What are your biggest difficulties? What opportunities were missed? And what is your company’s image before the public?

Carrying out this reflection is essential for a better understanding of the problems and failures within an enterprise. GitScrum’s Spreadsheet is an amazing feature for collecting data. It allows you to summarize and integrate data and processing in one tool. Spreadsheet will help you update and get fast access to all your marketing team’s documents.

1.2 Set the goals

Immediately after diagnosis, establish marketing objectives. There are several options you can create, depending on what you want to achieve with your business.

Prepare your marketing goals with GitScrum’s Wiki. This feature provides you the best alternatives to increase collaboration among team members. When you, as a marketing manager, needs to improve ideas, there is a place to share them and make your team think about solutions.

1.3  Study the market

In strategic planning, knowing and studying the market is an important requirement.

Research the trends in your niche, the actions your competitors have taken that have worked, and the features and desires of your target audience. After all, you need to know what you’ll be dealing with and how you can gain customers.

How to study the market with GitScrum? Using our Documents, which is a great tool to share files, images, or videos that you prepared to share with marketing teams. This feature gives you fast access to all documents that team members share in this area and you don’t need to wait for an e-mail response ASAP.

1.4  Think about channels

This is the time to think about your company’s digital marketing and outbound marketing. Define which channels you will be present on.

Will your brand have a page on social media? An active blog? Will you use email marketing to advertise your offers and action offline?

Think about how you will develop your campaigns in these media and what techniques you will use. Define them using GitScrum’s Mind Mapping. This feature helps you organize all your ideas about channels and create projects or brainstorms to visualize better previous or future results.

1.5  Monitor your campaigns

Based on metrics and KPIs, you can not only monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns and actions but also must. After performing this monitoring, you will be able to analyze whether the results are being satisfactory.  And whether it is worth investing more in these strategies or modifying them.

GitScrum’s Board is perfect for monitoring campaigns. This tool is all about checking your team’s campaigns activities and how they are monitoring strategies.

2. Marketing team

Good marketing management is concerned with managing their teams. Even though automation is already a big part of the process, it is still about people. Likewise, it is necessary to have professionals who monitor the results, create campaigns, and plan.

So marketing management needs leadership and talent management. In this way, employees will always be aligned with the organization’s culture. And in addition, all areas need to be well integrated.

GitScrum’s Rock Star Team is a great feature for uniting a marketing team to get results. This gamified tool is looking for your better performance and improved competition to show you are delivering more than other members.

3. Marketing budget

One of the most crucial components of good marketing management is budget administration. Without this control, any business plan goes down the drain, as it is impossible to invest in marketing actions when money is poorly managed.

First, to effectively manage your budget, you must make a detailed budget, keep provisions for paying charges and apply special techniques and tools. Also, try to reduce sales costs whenever possible.

Speaking of budget, again, here you can use Spreadsheet to save all your marketing finance issues. It will help get to know what you can spend or what will cost to use in a campaign.

What are the benefits of managing marketing vision?

Deep knowledge of the market

There is no marketing management without thorough market research. It is on the collection and analysis of data on audiences, competitors, and macro-environment that strategies you must draw up.

This knowledge serves to define the brand’s target audiences, better understand the competitors, anticipate the risks of opportunities and create strategies that satisfy the consumer. Those who know the market well are already many steps ahead.

Use GitScrum’s Gantt Chart to help you understand your marketing performance and increasing tasks to get a better knowledge of your market. This feature provides a better understanding of how long a project should take, determine the resources needed, and plan the tasks in order.

Strengthen the relationship with consumers

Good marketing management is consumer-focused. The team needs to know its characteristics and behaviors to create products and strategies aligned with its demands.

Thus, the company can satisfy consumers, communicate better with them and create a stronger and more lasting relationship of trust with them.

Do you want to know more about your customer? GitScrum’s User Stories are perfect for a client’s feedback. This tool can be used by anyone in your marketing team to get to know what your customer needs or demands. Also, it will give you a hint of your next steps to improve your marketing service and be more productive.

Gain efficiency in processes

Without marketing management, activities are messed up. Also, there are no processes, strategies, or goals to follow. Thus, efforts and investments end up being wasted on actions and campaigns that do not bring any results.

But with the house in order, the team becomes more productive. It also improves deliveries and optimizes investments.

GitScrum’s Time Tracking helps your team be more productive. When you schedule a task to start and when to finish it, you will have better control of what your team is doing and know their deadlines.

Focus on results for the business

Marketing management is concerned with aligning the area’s objectives with organizational objectives. You can’t settle for an ad campaign that had multiple views but failed to generate the sales the company expected, for example.

So, well-run marketing doesn’t look for empty likes and views. This is concerned with effective and sustainable business results.

Understand your results when you have GitScrum’s Task Checklists. This tool makes you a more organized worker and you will see your weekly tasks checklists to deliver on time. It will give you more agility and efficiency while working with marketing.

Motivate the team

Who doesn’t like to work in an environment with well-defined objectives, goals, processes, and timelines?

The organization and definition of work structures help with motivation. Employees trust the company more, understand why they work, what they need to deliver. Also, how they contribute to the growth of the business.

GitScrum’s Sprints is all about increasing productivity and motivating one other. This tool makes you more responsible with your weekly tasks and you can see how your colleagues are doing. It creates a great environment to deliver tasks on time and get a healthy competition.

Generate insights for other business areas

Looking at the market, it brings several insights to the marketing strategies themselves. Also to other business areas. Since it knows the consumer like no one else, marketing can help to design better sales strategies or define the best delivery channels with Logistics, for example.

GitScrum’s Discussions is perfect for creating insights into new Marketing ideas. This feature is for every marketing team member who is able to share thoughts and develop new skills when they discuss some new trend.

Create good marketing performance with GitScrum

Having a marketing vision is important to create results and bring new clients to your company. And GitScrum is a great marketing team ally to put everything organized for your daily work-life and perform well.