How to Create Business growth in a Competitive Scenario

Business growth is synonymous with innovating. Companies that want to maintain themselves and stand out in the market must always be looking for innovations that differentiate them from the competition.

But this is not enough. It is also necessary to develop a company’s growth strategy.

The growth strategies of the most successful companies are, in most cases, based on the organization’s financial health. The intention is to make the business develop safely and sustainably, avoiding as many as possible risks that could harm cash.

In this article, you will find out you can do business growth in a competitive scenario and highlight your company as the number one.

Business growth is constant

Every business exists for profit and sustainability. If he loses traction at any point, something is wrong. It is necessary to analyze them clearly if the objective is to continue advancing.

Be careful not to give up your differentials and end up with a less competitive business. Even if your company has reached the level it wants, it cannot accommodate. By doing this, you can lose the commitment to quality in your business and some loopholes are opened, which can even lead to bankruptcy.

Business growth is about working 24×7

Every entrepreneur wants business growth, and to achieve this, much work tirelessly in search of success. But it is not enough to sell and market products for the business to grow effectively, and it is not enough to stay holed up inside the office and demand goals from the team.

First and foremost, business growth is a matter of intelligence and strategy. The entrepreneur needs to define and document a set of short, medium, and long-term goals, in addition to analyzing the market. Afterward, he must work to achieve each of the outlined goals.

In this case, having experts is one of the most effective ways, after all, what you took your business to where it is, will not be what will take you to the next level. It is necessary to look for new ways to make it happen, and in this case, the consultancy work can bring great results.

The search for business growth

This is not an easy task. And there are 2 main reasons for this difficulty:

  1. Your company is not the only one that wants to grow and that works daily for it. Other companies are in the same search and this creates a competitive environment.
  2. Growth doesn’t just depend on your company’s performance.  It is also worth remembering that growth is related to consumer demand, innovations that are presented and renew the market, and so many other aspects.

All of this, in practice, means that pursuing business growth is not only an essential task but also an ongoing one.

Concerning the company’s internal environment, the best management practices, the systems and tools used, the professionals involved, and everything related to its structure must be very adequate. And concerning the market, the company must have a deep knowledge of the market and have a good growth strategy, all being well executed.

Quality business management

Another factor, as already mentioned, that directly impacts business growth is the quality of business management.

  • It is a double move:
  • Without business management carried out with quality, applying the best practices, growth is limited;
  • A company that manages to grow without a good management structure will soon face problems because the growth was not compatible with its management capacity.

That’s why here at Intelliplan we work strongly with business management in our Structuring and Organization area.

A company that wants to grow or is growing must pay special attention to its internal environment. Otherwise, growth can hinder your development and your bottom line.

7 business growth strategy tips

1. Find differentiation

For the company to grow, it is interesting to offer something different, which makes you stand out among competitors. It can be service, exclusive products, and status, superior technology, etc.

Finding a differential is the first strategic step for companies that want to expand their business.

Understand your customers’ needs and offer the best solution for them.

2. Know your audience

Knowing the target audience of the business is to understand the consumption habits and demands of its customers. From there, it will be possible to develop ways to meet their needs and offer what they are looking for.

A company that aims to grow will only be able to do this if it can count on its customers, considering that they are the main agents that make the business exist.

3. Don’t be afraid of the competition

Anyone who wants to grow cannot be intimidated by the competition.

You need to know who your competitors are and try to be better than them. Add value to your business, discover your competition’s weaknesses and build your competitive advantage.

To do this, use Porter’s 5 competitive strengths analysis.

4. Prioritize customer satisfaction

Without customers, there is no business. They are the ones who provide income and profit to the business.

Therefore, during the business expansion process, the focus should always be on customer satisfaction: those who consume the products and services your company offers.

This tip for a company’s growth strategy is quite pertinent. This is because it is common for companies to neglect the quality of their products when they decide to expand.

Growing at any cost is not recommended, as the relationship with the target audience can be compromised if the quality is lost along the way.

5. Invest in alliances

Investing in business alliances can be a way to drive business growth. A well-executed partnership can significantly increase sales of products and services.

Teaming up with other companies will help your business to expand its field of activity and gain more customers.

A partner can be an investor, a manufacturer, a supplier, a publisher, or someone who sells their products and services in exchange for a commission, for example.

6. Value your employees

The quest for growth is a journey that cannot be done alone. Company employees need to feel motivated by the leader to work and contribute to the evolution of the business.

Therefore, it is interesting to create mechanisms that make them believe that their work has fundamental value for the company, giving greater meaning to everything they do.

Bonus campaigns and rewards for good performance, for example, usually work very well. As well as transparency and recognition so that everyone knows how their efforts contribute to the company’s growth.

Visual management, for example, in which employees know in real-time how the company is performing through dashboards installed in the work environment, can be an excellent way to keep everyone motivated and engaged.

7. Balance your company’s finances

To grow, it is necessary to invest. A company that finds itself in the red will have difficulties expanding.

Therefore, it is essential to make the appropriate adjustments between expenses and income. Keep an eye on payment and receipt deadlines.

Make a cash flow and use it as the basis for all decision-making. Also control your working capital, as it is essential for the company’s financial health.

With this diagnosis, it will be possible to identify bottlenecks, waste, and procedural failures. This makes it easier to propose strategic growth actions.

Partnerships for company growth

Forming alliances and partnerships for the company’s growth is an interesting and very common strategy. Furthermore, there is no right time to develop a partnership.

Thus, if, in the company’s scenario, you notice the lack of tools and support to provide consulting services, there is a desire to expand the customer base.

This may indicate the need to seek partnerships. But who are these likely partners to implement growth strategies?

The options are many. In general, organizations are looking for coaching professionals, consultants, sales representatives, or small companies interested in exchanging experiences and growing together.

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