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The Sucessful Roles of an Agile Coach Working with High-Standard Scrum Methodology

Do you need your team or company to be more productive? Many of them are looking for new tools to seek faster productivity. But there is a specific profession that is helping a handful of members to deliver more tasks and get involved with the team: the Agile Coach. And to be part of these […]

Discipline Agile Delivery to Release Products that are Over the Top

For companies interested in using agility within their structures, choosing the most suitable method for their reality is a great challenge. Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) adopts several tools to assist in the decision process, guiding teams and companies to optimize their way of working (WoW). The DAD starts from the idea that you should start […]

Apply Strategic Planning with Kanban to revolutionize your company’s delivery capacity

Several methods and tools have been developed so that activities. In all sectors of a company that you carry out more effectively for strategic planning. Having a well-designed Action Plan and an efficient method of execution, such as Kanban, is undoubtedly one of the ways most used by many companies to ensure productivity. In this […]

Scaling Scrum for People and Enterprise’s Alignment

One of the reasons for the success of a company is the enterprise’s alignment with workers. Although there are important positions in every enterprise, the joint of all members to one goal can bring outstanding results, when everyone understands the culture of the organization, as well as feels part of a good work environment. And […]

User Stories: Valuable Innovations for Customers

Innovation has become worn jargon in the market today. We use it widely, sometimes inappropriately, but the point is it is the main challenge for companies of all areas. In a competitive world, innovative processes can determine marketing leaders, and innovative products can grant leadership for some time (until they get surpassed or imitated).

Convey Compliance instructions with Scrum and promote alignment with your teams

Build your basis for governance Among the definitions of compliance, one of them is a set of disciplines to lead a company or business’ adherence to government, health or safety standards, and regulatory laws. To make this possible, these companies need to create their own internal guidelines to help collaborators meet legal requirements. Legal requirements […]