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Essential Terminology for Project Managers

Project management, fluency in industry-specific terminology is the key to navigating complexities and achieving success. Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or venturing into this field, mastering the lexicon empowers you to communicate effectively, streamline processes, and drive project outcomes. Let’s delve into the essential terms that every project manager should know. 1. Project Scope: […]

The Power of Hybrid Methodologies in Corporate Project Management

Hybrid Methodologies have emerged as a pragmatic approach to navigating the complexities of modern business environments. Integrating the best of both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, hybrid approaches offer a flexible framework that adapts to diverse project requirements, timelines, and team structures. The Evolution of Hybrid Methodologies Hybrid methodologies have evolved in response to the limitations […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Project Management in Digital Agencies

Morning Rituals: Setting the Tone for a Productive Day My day typically begins at the crack of dawn, as I believe in the power of early mornings to set the tone for productivity. After a quick workout and a hearty breakfast, I dive into my morning routine, which starts with a thorough review of my […]

Flexibility in Focus: Task Management Trends of 2024

Agile project management continues to dominate the landscape, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability in the face of rapidly changing requirements. Teams are no longer confined to rigid structures but instead thrive in dynamic environments where responsiveness is key. GitScrum aligns perfectly with this trend, empowering teams to iterate quickly, prioritize tasks on the fly, and […]

From recruitment to performance reviews – GitScrum is your all-in-one HR solution

GitScrum is a modern, all-in-one HR solution that helps you manage every step of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to performance reviews. Our cloud-based platform is agile and easy to use, making it perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. What is GitScrum? GitScrum is a complete HR solution that automates the entire recruiting process, from […]

Outstanding Achievements in Marketing Management with GitScrum Board

In order to keep track of tasks and moving them from start to finish, a GitScrum Board for Marketing Management is an excellent way to increase project deliverability. Not only does it help keep high standards, but it also aids in team communication and organization. By using this tool, you can achieve great things with […]

From Startups to the Fortune 500: How Agencies Use GitScrum to Grow

In business, as in life, change is the only constant. And in order to keep up with the competition and thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing market, companies must be willing and able to adapt. For agencies, this means being agile enough to quickly pivot and respond to new opportunities as they arise. GitScrum is one […]

Why the GitScrum Board is the Best way to Manage Your Engineering and Construction Workforce

The GitScrum Board is a project management tool that is specifically designed for engineering and construction professionals. It helps you to manage your team’s activities, create tasks, subtasks, assign responsibilities and establish deadlines, so you can encourage team members to meet them. What is the GitScrum Board? The GitScrum Board is a visual tool used […]

How to Improve Construction Delivery Standards

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about the construction process until it’s time for your own project. Unfortunately, many construction projects run behind schedule and over budget. This can be frustrating for homeowners and can even lead to legal disputes. So, how can you make sure that your construction project goes […]

How GitScrum Can Help You Manage Large, Complex Projects

GitScrum is a project management tool that is designed specifically for large, complex projects. It helps you to manage your project tasks, track your progress, and collaborate with your team. GitScrum is based on the Git version control system, and it integrates with the Scrum methodology. Project life cycle GitScrum can help manage your project […]

We Love Scrum And Women-Focused Initiatives

The Scrum methodology has gained a lot of traction in recent years, and for good reason. It’s an incredibly effective way to manage projects, and it’s perfect for agile organizations. But what many people don’t know is that the Scrum methodology is based on the philosophy of the feminist movement. The creators of Scrum recognized […]

How to Conquer the Chaos of Multitasking and Work Effectively as a Team

Does the thought of working on multiple projects simultaneously make you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel like you can never seem to get ahead because you’re always jumping from task to task? Multitasking might seem like the answer to your prayers, but in reality, it just causes chaos and leads to poor work quality. […]

Market Trends for 2022

As an entrepreneur, you know that when trends become visible to everyone, it’s usually late to take action about them. That’s why it’s important to keep up with specialists studies. Agile managers filter the best advice to find what works perfectly for their brands and clients. In all time zones, we share the common ground: […]

The Main Roles of an Enabler to Help your Company

Technological advances are constant and have reached the most diverse areas. With them, companies focused on innovation have been emerging for a long time. And the role of an enable is crucial in a company. Every activity that involves people is usually guided by a plan that was coordinated by someone and for some reason. […]

6 Tips to Create a Well-defined Reward Systems for your Company

Reward systems and their influence on team motivation. This may be the time to think about implementing a rewards system in your company. In this way, you will be able to reciprocate and reward your team’s efforts and results. But implementing a reward system in the company that works and that positively influences team motivation […]

How to Get Profitable Results with Scalable solutions?

There are certain concepts that every entrepreneur should know. Scalable solutions are one of them. Innovative companies are known for adopting business and management models. Designed to grow in a scalable way, these organizations can expand with few resources. They can also improve processes, hire professionals, and adopt technological solutions according to demand. As their […]

9 Amazing Tips to Improve Organizational Climate in your Company

Regardless of size or line of business, every company needs to ensure that its employees have a pleasant organizational climate. This is essential for the team’s productivity and for achieving good results. Motivated work teams, increased productivity and a consolidated employer brand in the market are consequences of a good organizational climate in companies, as […]

Best Ideas to Perform Business Agility in the Digital Age

The world is changing very fast. As a result, companies of all sizes are struggling to stay relevant in the eyes of their customers.  They are better informed and have higher expectations than ever before, with Business Agility. In short, Business Agility is an organization’s ability and willingness to adapt, create and leverage change for […]

How VUCA can Work with Agile Methods

It’s no secret that the world is unstable and changes daily. The acronym VUCA was created to portray the environment we live in today. Every day new things appear in the world. Some of them are completely revolutionary and turn situations upside down, making yesterday seem like something too old. Although this is not a […]

Customer Loyalty: Development in Digital Services

The main objective of many entrepreneurs is, above all, to attract new customers to their business. And of course, this is important. However, it is also essential to pay attention to customer loyalty. Customer loyalty has a direct impact on the company’s profitability. Furthermore, it is possible to notice a difference in behavior and expenses […]

How to Build Profitability in Digital Services

How to make your digital services more profitable and sustainable? This is a question that thousands of entrepreneurs are looking for an answer to daily. Entrepreneurship starts with a dream, which then needs to be planned, followed by the opening of a company. The business needs to have durability and profitability. After all, ensuring a […]

Startup Culture: 7 Qualities to Grow your Company

Since startups emerged, they have been gaining more and more space in the market. In addition, since the rise of startups, they needed to create an environment for employees to work efficiently. The name of it is the so-called startup culture, that is, a series of principles and guidelines that guide the performance of employees […]

Sell More Travel Packages: How to Apply Agile Methodologies in Travel Agencies

Have you heard about Agile Methodology in Travel Agencies? It should be normal procedures for these kinds of agencies, but a few of them have implemented already. The world has evolved exponentially in recent years. It is no longer possible to continue betting on the same management models that worked for 10 years or more. […]

The Importance of Agile methodologies to Create a Solid Corporate Culture

In business management, the moment of creating an outstanding corporate culture has arrived. This is an incentive for startups and fintech, which is pivotal for them to introduce corporate culture to their teams. Due to its importance for companies, the culture applied in entities is an increasingly frequent concern in the daily lives of companies, […]