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Crystal Agile Framework’s People-Centric Approach

Crystal Agile Framework, a dynamic approach that prioritizes flexibility and adaptability in project execution. Paired with GitScrum, an unbeatably priced project management tool, teams can streamline their daily operations and achieve unparalleled efficiency. Crystal Agile Framework: A Paradigm Shift in Project Management Crystal Agile Framework is not just another project management methodology; it’s a paradigm […]

What is the difference between Crystal and Scrum methodologies?

Crystal and Scrum methodologies have their importance in development and project management teams. Although you can find reasons to work simultaneously with them, it is vital to distinguish a few points on what are the differences between Crystal and Scrum. Perhaps Scrum is the most used agile methodology and the most trustworthy tool for bigger […]

Crystal Agile Framework: Unique Concept and Smart Advantages for Applying it in a Company

Agile methodologies have been part of many workgroups which deal with the development and productivity of teams.  For example, we’ve talked about Scrum, probably the most famous agile tool you will find, but there’s Crystal Agile. However, there are other agile frameworks which you can work within your team, depending on what are your goals […]