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AI Revolutionizes Project Management: Introducing GitScrum’s AI-Powered Approach

Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as a transformative force, reshaping traditional methodologies and enhancing productivity. This paradigm shift finds its epitome in GitScrum, a pioneering platform leveraging AI to streamline task creation, user story development, project analysis, and automation, thereby revolutionizing project management practices. AI-Powered Task Creation Task creation stands as the cornerstone of project management, […]

How to Improve Construction Delivery Standards

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about the construction process until it’s time for your own project. Unfortunately, many construction projects run behind schedule and over budget. This can be frustrating for homeowners and can even lead to legal disputes. So, how can you make sure that your construction project goes […]

How to Collaborate Effectively on Projects as a Team

Whether you’re working on a project for work or school, collaboration is key. However, it can be difficult to collaborate effectively as a team. In order to meet deadlines and achieve success, it’s important to have a plan.gitScrum is the perfect tool for your team to share knowledge, ship projects, and collaborate. What is GitScrum? […]

How to Develop your Team Skills with GitScrum

You need to increase and improve your company’s results. That’s a concern that most managers have when they perceive their team needs more valuable performance. Among the many team skills that a person needs to be able to stand out in their area of expertise, one of the main ones is the ability to work […]

How to Create a Motivating Environment for Home Office

Sometimes, working at home may be boring and senseless. Despite we are still living in a pandemic world, there are many employers who are trying to find a motivating environment to work remotely. This situation can be uncomfortable for some workers, but for others, it’s an opportunity to have more flexible time to produce more […]

How to Lead Hybrid Teams Efficiently with GitScrum

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many companies started a remote work process for their employers. As long as these issues are diminishing, they are looking for hybrid teams. This means a part of the employees works remotely and the other works in the company’s physical space. Remote work or home office, already used in some […]

How to Stay Competitive in the Global Market?

Planning will always be necessary before implementing action in any competitive market. As a matter of fact, before even thinking about measures to obtain a profit, it is essential to prepare to act. Definitely one of the ways to do this is to use the competitive advantage in the market. Furthermore, becoming more competitive is […]

How To Implement Meritocratic Work in your Company?

Meritocracy is a topic that has been widely discussed in the social, political, and labor spheres. However, in practice, there are several problems in implementing this type of recognition culture. The high competitiveness of the market, customers demanding about the products and services that companies offer, and the financial and economic instability that the country […]

Find out the Reasons to Apply Agile Leadership in your Team

A good leader must deliver results and engage people. For that, however, he must develop and put into practice a set of interpersonal skills. Therefore, it is necessary to have agile leadership, which becomes essential for the job market that is constantly evolving. With so many changes, the implementation of new practices within an organization […]

How to Write Attractive Team Task Titles

When you need to delegate tasks, you will have to be very clear. This is common sense for managers who seek to create clarity for their teammates in task titles. However, most of them don’t understand what are the tasks and feel confused because of the team task title in a project management tool. So, […]

How to write clear Task descriptions to guide your team

Daily Communication Challenges at Tasks Do you face a lot of struggles with your team, when delegating and writing tasks on your project management tool? Managers have limited time to invest in writing descriptions, that’s true. And teams are learning they need to become more and more autonomous. Even so, do you still feel it […]

Learn the Best Practices to Manage a Company

Managing an enterprise is, without a doubt, a great challenge. With new business models emerging, different company profiles are also starting their works.  And To manage a company is a state of art. They demand a more fluid administration and alignment with employees. In this context, it is necessary to understand how to be a […]

How Agile HR can help build the organization of the future

Speed is not a feature present only in technological means these days. There is an extension to all corporate departments, especially in the most strategic sector of companies. Agile HR contributes to transforming the way companies hire new people, manage their staff, and grow in the market. It’s common to hear that software engineering teams […]

Entrepreneurship and Leadership to lead teams

When we think about entrepreneurship and leadership, we may confuse them. For some, the entrepreneur is not always a leader, just as a leader is not always an entrepreneur. These are two very convergent actions because when you start a business, you automatically take it on and start to lead it. However, we need to […]

Leadership Styles: Understand the Leaders’ Roles

Leadership styles are fundamental functions for all professionals, especially for those who work with people or human resources management. With so many changes in the job market, company structures, management processes, and professional behavior, the concept of leadership are even more important in the daily lives of companies. To get to know the different types […]

The Sucessful Roles of an Agile Coach Working with High-Standard Scrum Methodology

Do you need your team or company to be more productive? Many of them are looking for new tools to seek faster productivity. But there is a specific profession that is helping a handful of members to deliver more tasks and get involved with the team: the Agile Coach. And to be part of these […]