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Navigating the Startup Odyssey – Overcoming Challenges on the Road to Product Market Fit

Startups, launching a product and finding the elusive Product-Market Fit (PMF) stands as a monumental challenge. This journey is riddled with uncertainties, risks, and intense competition. However, armed with the right strategies and tools, startups can not only survive but thrive amidst these challenges. Enter GitScrum – a powerful ally in the quest for PMF […]

10 Steps to Migrate from Excel to GitScrum

While many businesses rely on traditional tools like Excel spreadsheets to manage their projects, there comes a time when upgrading to more sophisticated project management software becomes inevitable. GitScrum emerges as a robust solution, offering a plethora of features to streamline project workflows and enhance collaboration among team members. However, migrating from Excel to GitScrum […]

Task Management: Overcoming Challenges for Efficient Workflow

Effective task management stands as a cornerstone for organizational success. However, navigating the complexities of task management presents numerous challenges that require strategic solutions. This case study delves into the intricacies of task management within a dynamic corporate environment, highlighting the hurdles faced and the strategies implemented to overcome them. Challenge 1: Fragmented Communication Channels […]

Get Your Projects Done Faster with GitScrum’s Agile Project Management

So, you’re looking for a better way to manage your projects? Check out GitScrum, the Agile Project Management tool that can help you get things done faster and more efficiently. GitScrum gives you the tools you need to track your progress and stay on top of your deadlines, all in one easy-to-use interface. What is […]

The core differences between Lean and Six Sigma

It is common to have confusion between Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, even more, when it comes to the Lean Six Sigma application. Although Lean and Six Sigma are business methodologies aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in organizations, there are theoretical and practical distinctions between them. These methodologies were created in different contexts and […]

Lean Manufacturing: how to grow your company

Lean Manufacturing is far from being fresh news. However, it’s a term you’ll likely hear even more. After all, we live in a world that there is so much competition and a completely globalized market. This doesn’t mean that the pressure on corporate professionals is increasing, that there is no longer any tolerance for individual […]

Metrics for Startups: 5 Tools to Measure Results

Metrics are fundamental for any type of business. They indicate whether an activity is working in the enterprise. In the case of startups, these metrics are even more important. Firstly, because companies in their origin cannot run the risk of wasting resources on poor actions. For a CEO, it’s essential to have a summary of […]

Startup Culture: 7 Qualities to Grow your Company

Since startups emerged, they have been gaining more and more space in the market. In addition, since the rise of startups, they needed to create an environment for employees to work efficiently. The name of it is the so-called startup culture, that is, a series of principles and guidelines that guide the performance of employees […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Increase Team Sales with Lean Development

The current market scenario is highly competitive. There are direct competitors for customers to choose what kind of product they want to consume. In this sense, being aware of how to increase sales with Lean Development can make all the difference to a company’s success. Lean Development is an operational philosophy that the main goal […]

3 methods to Scale Sales for Your Startup

It is very common when thinking about scaling sales for a startup, for the entrepreneur to think of various tools for sales automation, ads, blogs, and a series of other mechanisms to make the customer buy. This vision is very realistic in the long run. However, if you are on the way to making your […]

Develop your Software Team with Lean IT

The search for greater efficiency and waste reduction is the objective of every company. However, managers are not always aware of what happens in the Information Technology sector. That’s where Lean IT appears, a methodology that brings dissemination among professionals in the area to achieve better results. Lean IT is the adaptation of concepts originating […]

The Benefits of Developing Scrum in Healthcare System

The digital transformation in healthcare has brought new methods for agile and efficient management such as Lean Healthcare, Kanban, Scrum. There are some main foundations of agile methodologies, such as dynamic mindset, constant adaptations, improved efficiency, and greater flexibility in work processes. Moreover, when delivering intelligent results, they offer more freedom to employees, who find […]

Lean Startup vs. Design Thinking: What is the Difference?

Facing challenges in a business can be simpler when you use the right tools. But do you know how to make this choice? To define the necessary changes to overcome any difficulties, it is necessary to know your company’s objectives. In this context, Design Thinking and Lean are useful approaches that apply to different types […]

The new Roles of the Modern Human Resources with Agile Methodologies

Finding methodologies that result in agile HR can make all the difference in process flow and team productivity. After all, organization and productivity are fundamental elements for the success of a company and in the human resources area. Generating agility for the Human Resources department is a concept that has become increasingly relevant for companies, […]

Find out 7 Principles of Lean Development to Increase your Productivity

Lean software development is one of the innovative methodologies that has revolutionized the entire IT value stream. The Lean methodology can be applied to considerably reduce programming effort, budget, and defect rates in software development. It has been around for a long time, but only recently has Lean gained popularity in the service industry—in hospitals, […]

Lean Development: create a successful and productive Software Team

The Lean Software Development application can help software development teams reach a higher level of maturity in terms of quality and speed, understanding and studying their current process, and constantly working on identifying and eliminating waste. Lean goes further, and also offers tools for the team to create a more productive work environment, where people […]

Opportunity in sight: work as a Lean Development Counselor

What is Lean Development Lean software development can be defined as the application of lean manufacturing propositions and practices to the software development industry. From the original Toyota Production System (TPS) that generated the “lean manufacturing” concept, it’s been adapted to the software and product development market, and it’s rising as a trend among this […]