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The Power of Hybrid Methodologies in Corporate Project Management

Hybrid Methodologies have emerged as a pragmatic approach to navigating the complexities of modern business environments. Integrating the best of both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, hybrid approaches offer a flexible framework that adapts to diverse project requirements, timelines, and team structures. The Evolution of Hybrid Methodologies Hybrid methodologies have evolved in response to the limitations […]

Harnessing Agile Sprints for Projects of All Sizes: From Small Endeavors to Large-scale Initiatives

Agile Sprints revolutionize project management by breaking down complex tasks into manageable chunks, known as Sprints. These short, iterative cycles, usually lasting one to four weeks, allow teams to deliver incremental value while continuously adapting to changing requirements. By embracing Agile Sprints, teams can foster collaboration, improve transparency, and swiftly respond to feedback, thus accelerating […]

The Ultimate Solution to Boost Your Company’s Productivity

GitScrum is a project management tool that can revolutionize the way your company operates. It offers a visual and simple-to-use interface, while at the same time providing all the necessary features to support large-scale projects. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or manage a big company, GitScrum can help you reach your goals. Understanding GitScrum is […]

The Fundamentals of Scrum Sprints: Planning, Execution, and Best Practices

What are sprints in GitScrum? A sprint in GitScrum is a time-bound period in which a team works to achieve a set amount of work. Sprints are an essential aspect of GitScrum and help to break down big, complex projects into manageable pieces, allowing the team to ship high-quality work faster and more frequently while […]

Why the GitScrum Board is the Best way to Manage Your Engineering and Construction Workforce

The GitScrum Board is a project management tool that is specifically designed for engineering and construction professionals. It helps you to manage your team’s activities, create tasks, subtasks, assign responsibilities and establish deadlines, so you can encourage team members to meet them. What is the GitScrum Board? The GitScrum Board is a visual tool used […]

The Evolution of Agile Software Development: From Scrum to Kanban

Agile software development is a term used to describe a group of software development methodologies that prioritize customer satisfaction and continuous evolution over planning and documentation. Agile methodologies are often contrasted with the more traditional “waterfall” model of software development, which focuses on planning and execution at the expense of flexibility. The Agile methodology has […]

What Does “Done” Mean, Anyway? A Manager’s Guide to Understanding the Definition of “Done”

There is more to the definition of “done” than just completing a task. In fact, there’s a lot that goes into it. And as a manager, it’s important to understand what “done” means for your team and your business. In this post, we’ll break down the definition of “done” and explore some of the factors […]

The GitScrum Sprint Cycle: Why The Sprint Retrospective Is So Important

The GitScrum Sprint cycle is a key part of the software development process. It allows developers to move quickly and efficiently, while still maintaining quality and accuracy. But one of the most important aspects of the Sprint cycle is the sprint retrospective. In this article, we’ll discuss why the retrospective is so important, and how […]

Kanban vs Scrum: Which Is Right For Your Development Team

When it comes to project management for software development, there are two main contenders: kanban and scrum. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it can be difficult to decide which is right for your team. Kanban definition Kanban is a Japanese word that roughly translates to “visual signal” or “board.” The kanban system […]

SAFe: The Latest and Greatest in Agile Management Methodologies

With the continuously increasing popularity of agile development practices, enterprises are on the hunt for the best way to implement and scale these practices. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has taken the agile community by storm, and for good reason. SAFe is a tried-and-tested framework that has been proven to work in a variety of […]

Ultimate Straightforward Communication among Scale Scrum Teams

The sixth principle of the Agile Manifesto, “The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to the development team is face-to-face conversation”, should be a wake-up call for the team’s internal communications. The broad and open communication of project members increases the visibility of problems, solutions and significantly reduces rework. For good communication, it […]

Discover the Best Alternatives to Scale Scrum for Educational Systems

Scrum has been part of many companies, industries, and project management. But, some areas are also using it to prevent and get better performances from its professionals, such as educational systems. It doesn’t matter if they are teachers from elementary schools or professors from high-standard college courses. Good project management tools are needed both for […]

Are you a Designer? Find out How Scaling Scrum will Increase your Productivity

Agile methodology is a movement that proposes an effective and efficient work format for software development. It ensures progressive learning and continuous improvement of processes and people., such as a designer. It is important to remember that agility in this context does not mean simply speed, it presupposes getting to the right place (hitting the […]

Small and Medium Companies: how to scale your results?

The Agile Methodology has been applied by more and more companies, including small and medium. With the digital transformation, technological resources became part of absolutely all business models, and this also changed management. In this scenario, the Agile Methodology emerged, an efficient solution for companies to eliminate flaws in their processes and carry out more […]

4 Construction Companies benefits from Scaling Scrum to Improve Team communication and Services

In recent years, the search for increasingly efficient processes has led the construction industry to reinvent itself exponentially. At the same time that we strive for faster preparation and execution of projects, continuously improving quality is also a priority. In this context, agile methodologies in civil construction have become very popular. Any construction project requires […]

Scale Career Planning with Scrum to promote better work relations among your teams

If we look at the job market as not always a very simple task, we may feel lost where to start. It seems like we’re facing a whole world to explore,  and we don’t know which way to go yet to career planning. What is your career planning? Getting that job you want, getting promoted, […]

The 3 pillars of Scrum for all your business life

To work with Scrum pillars deals effectively with a changing world. Decisions are made on the basis of observation and experimentation, not the anticipation of detailed planning. Scrum pillars utilizes an empirical approach to adapt to changing customer requirements. The empirical approach is based on facts, experiences, and evidence. In particular, progress is based on […]

Learn why B2B Industries and Services are Scaling Scrum to support their growth

WHAT IS SCALE@SCRUM Scaled Scrum is the expansion of the Scrum structure to Nexus units. Nexus are sets of up to 10 Scrum teams, working together to hand in a potential product or service increment. This concept applies to several Scrum teams working on the same product or service. Scrum@Scale is an organizational framework in […]

What is an efficient Scrum Master Cycle?

We already talked about Scrum itself and its importance for a whole agile process in a team’s productivity. Scrum at Scale has two cycles: ”The What”, which is the Product Owner cycle, and “The How”, which is the Scrum Master cycle. By that, we will go further into the Scrum Master cycle and what is […]

Use the Nexus Framework to Scale Scrum with Positive Impacts to your Team and Work

Scrum is unarguably the best agile way to improve and bring better performance to your team. In order to oversee new procedures to scale Scrum in project management, Scrum[dot]org has brought the Nexus Framework to sustain products on the scale. In this article, you will understand what is the Nexus Framework and how you can […]

Scrum at Scale or SAFe – Find the Agile Framework that works best for Your Team

Agile is a new way of working, which is a change in the mindset of project progress. So, what to choose: Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) or Scrum at Scale? Both are among the most used agile frameworks that promote several benefits for project management and increase companies’ productivity. Whichever you use to apply, you must […]

Convey Compliance instructions with Scrum and promote alignment with your teams

Build your basis for governance Among the definitions of compliance, one of them is a set of disciplines to lead a company or business’ adherence to government, health or safety standards, and regulatory laws. To make this possible, these companies need to create their own internal guidelines to help collaborators meet legal requirements. Legal requirements […]