Chapter 11 – GitScrum Gantt Charts, get the project big picture!

GitScrum Gantt Charts is your most optimized way to visualize your project’s timeline with all its multiple tasks and assignments going on. With this dynamic pannel, when you enter your Tasks in your GitScrum Board, they are automatically placed into the Gantt Charts, so you can visualize them on a complete panel.

This is useful because you get to see which Tasks are simultaneous, which ones are happening right at the present moment, the ones to start and the ones to be finished, so you are always aware of your team’s next appointments.

Get the project big picture with Gantt Charts!

How to Use GitScrum Gantt Charts

How to Enable GitScrum Gantt Charts for My Project

As any other feature, GitScrum Gantt Charts must be enabled, to work for your project:

  1. Go to Project Settings > Project Information > Sidebar Macrofeatures.
  2. Keep (✓) Gantt Charts enabled.

How to Monitor Tasks on GitScrum Gantt Charts

  1. On the Sidebar, click Gantt Charts.
  2. On the Gantt Chart bar, click the Tasks time range you want to visualize – Day, Week, or Month.
    If you click Month, your navigation will horizontally scroll, in months.
    If you click Week, your navigation will horizontally scroll, in weeks.
    If you click Week, your navigation will horizontally scroll, in days.
    Use the scroller bar on the bottom of your page for navigation.
  3. To see brief details of a Task (name, dates), click its colored bar once.
  4. To open a Task, double-click its colored bar.

How to Visualize / Edit a Task Details on GitScrum Gantt Charts

  1. Double-click the Task’s colored bar to open and edit its details on GitScrum Gantt Charts.
  2. Click the gear icon⚙️ to edit Task dates, if you want.
  3. Click the gear icon⚙️ > Edit Task, to change Task name, if you want.
  4. Close the Task.

How to Remove/Delete a Task from GitScrum Gantt Charts

The same way you would regularly delete a Task on GitScrum Board, you will:

  1. Open the Task by double-clicking its colored bar.
  2. Click the gear icon⚙️ > click Delete.
  3. Confirm “Yes” to “Do you really want to delete this task?”.

How to Move a Task / Change Task Dates on GitScrum Gantt Charts

To change the schedule (start date and due date) of a Task, and place it on a different week or month on the Gantt Charts:

  1. Select the Task, by pressing its colored bar.
  2. Drag and drop it to the new timeframe (day, week or month).
  3. Check if the dates are correct.
    Warning: just be careful and pay attention while editing third parties’ Tasks and schedules, check if the dates are set according to your intentions.
Gantt Charts - move Task
Gantt Charts – move Task

How to Customize the Task Colors for GitScrum Gantt Charts

The bar colors are set according to the Task Type labels you set. So, to change your Task Type labels, you must follow one of these options:

  1. Go to Workspace Settings > Workspace Template > Task Types
  2. Create your own Task Type template / edit your Task Types; OR
  3. Go to GitScrum Marketplace?> Task Type
  4. Select a Task Type template.
  5. Select “Copy Template”. Click “See in your Workplace”.
  6. Check (✓) “Make this Template as standard for all projects” if you want to apply this same template to all projects.
  7. Wokspace Settings > Task Type Templates, edit the Task Type color labels (square colors).
    More instructions on Task Type Templates in Chapter 6.
Gantt Charts colors
Gantt Charts colors