Chapter 6.1 – Duplicating Projects

When you don’t want to create a project from scratch, you can simply duplicate it and edit it, instead. Duplicate a project to quickly copy its contents and set ups to the new project you wish to create.

In your Workspace, all team members are enabled to duplicate projects, except for the users you might have invited only as Guest or Restricted members, who can only visualize them.

In this chapter, you will learn what happens when you duplicate a project, what kind of data is maintained from the original project, and the ones that start from the initial standard status.

How to Duplicate a Project

  1. Open your Project.
  2. Go to Project Settings > Duplicate Project.
  3. Confirm “Yes” to duplicate your project, or upgrade to GitScrum Business license.
  4. After duplicating, open your Workspace to visualize all your projects, then open your copy-project.
  5. Go to Project Settings > Project Information, to edit its Project Name. Click “Update Project”.
    The Duplicate Projects feature is only available for the GitScrum Business. GitScrum Business is our best license and you can enjoy Unlimited Users, White Label ( use your Custom Branded Domain, Custom Branding, and Free SSL Certificate ), and exclusive features.

What Data/Content is Duplicated with a Project

When you duplicate a project, the following data and set-ups will be duplicated as well:

  • Project owner/author;
  • Workflow template;
  • Project label(s);
  • Tasks on GitScrum Board;
  • Task type (s);
  • Task start and due dates;
  • Custom fields;
  • Tasks;
  • Subtasks;
  • Task checklists;
  • Documents / attachments;
  • Task attachments;
  • Sprints;
  • User Stories.

What Data/Content is NOT Duplicated with a Project

When you duplicate a project, the following data is NOT duplicated, which means you will set them for the new project:

  • Project status;
  • Comments;
  • Wiki page(s);
  • Spreadsheet(s);
  • Mind Mapping(s);
  • Discussions;
  • Task Assignments.

After your project is duplicated, you must edit your project info to go on with it, like task due dates, task assignments and Sprints with new deadlines.