Collaborating with Clients using GitScrum Board: Create and Share Roadmaps with Ease

Simplify Roadmap Creation and Sharing with Clients on the GitScrum Board

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is important to keep your clients in the loop with your team’s progress. The ability to share and collaborate with your clients is a valuable asset in ensuring a smooth working relationship.

That’s why GitScrum has made it easy for you to share your board with your clients, enabling them to see your team’s progress, milestones and goals.

With GitScrum, you can create custom boards to fit your specific needs, such as a board that focuses on high-level project milestones or a board dedicated solely to your clients. You can invite clients to view your board, so they can have a clear understanding of your team’s progress, goals and what you’re working on.

GitScrum provides a simple and straightforward way to create roadmaps, which is a visual representation of your team’s progress and goals. Roadmaps help to keep everyone on the same page and are a great tool to keep clients informed. With GitScrum, you can easily create, update and share roadmaps with your clients, so they always know what’s coming next and when to expect it.

How to Share Your Gitscrum Board
  1. Below the Gitscrum header bar, there will be a Board bar, where you can obtain the Shareable link for your project board.
  2. Click the Skareable link icon, copy-paste the URL link provided and send it to the persons you wish, via email, Whatsapp, Telegram or Social Media.

GitScrum also provides you with real-time updates, so your clients can see the latest changes and updates to your board. This feature helps you to stay connected with your clients, and it also helps to keep them informed of your team’s progress.

In conclusion, sharing your GitScrum board with your clients is a great way to improve communication and collaboration. It enables you to keep your clients informed of your team’s progress, goals and milestones. GitScrum provides a simple and intuitive way to create and share roadmaps, keeping everyone on the same page. Start collaborating with your clients today, and take your team’s progress to the next level.