Collaborative and Secure Task Management for Teams

When you look for a project management tool, you want a collaborative and secure environment for task management. Your team needs to work and sometimes you are not there 100% or they are all working remotely. How can you arrange and set your teams to make progress in their tasks and demands in a well-rounded space, like GitScrum?

Task management software is used to manage tasks, track time, and easily collaborate with the team. They are effective for individuals, teams, and organizations. These tools ensure everyone can complete tasks efficiently, without missing any deadlines.

When you use GitScrum, leading organizations and successful professionals use a task manager because they understand the benefits of using it continuously and in the right way.

GitScrum’s task management contributes to the productivity and efficiency of your work, which can be a competitive advantage in such a competitive market. Avoiding delays and overworked employees are just some of the organization’s benefits.

You will see how you can use GitScrum’s collaborative and secure task management to help your team increase productivity. You will make a perfect work environment for everybody when you read this article!

Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer, leader of an agile team, or a small business owner? GitScrum is for you!

GitScrum helps you skyrocket your productivity. That’s a fact. When you are on our platform, you will be able to access many features and tools that will give you an amazing user experience.

GitScrum is the smart management tool that helps teams and professionals to create, plan, organize and release amazing projects. It’s designed for startups, sales/marketing agencies, developers, and freelancers.

It supports them to collaborate together to become more productive and deliver value, working focused on your customer’s needs. GitScrum is visual and simple to use and it offers all important features to support large-scale projects.

With all that, you may feel now confident to use all features and tools in the following paragraphs.

1. Collaborative Tasks Management with GitScrum

Some collaborative tasks are in need for teams to make work progress. They are perfect for every team member to share their tasks, skills, thoughts, and briefings of future work.

If you use GitScrum’s Discussions, you will be already ready for sharing collaborative tasks. This feature can start conversations about jobs with your team to accomplish your project goals.

Or even, this feature is a private place to talk about essential issues of tasks. Also, you can improve your focus on work, instead of chats and conversation apps that are a distraction over your company’s goal.

This is a great space to collaborate and share everything with your team and make everything clear before you finish some tasks.

The solution is to move the essential discussions about each project inside the task management tool that help them focus on work.

Another important tool for collaborative work is using the comments section in our Board. As soon as you create a new task, you will have a comment area to type any kind of instruction or comments for your team. There, you will start your discussions with your team members and share your thoughts. It’s an easy tool and its usability provides great performance to facilitate your daily work.

Also, you can mention and tag the names of the team members you will address the task. You can tag them when you create a task and then “Choose a User”. Their names and the profile pictures (or avatar) will appear and you will choose the selected ones.

In the board’s comments, you can also tag members to instruct in the tasks or the activity. Use @ and type their names.

2. Secure Task Management using GitScrum tools

You will feel comfortable enough to write your message to your team members as long as you create task management. That’s what you knew above.

However, everything will be set when you start typing and dialoguing with them in the workspace. It resembles the structure of the institution’s chart, business, or projects.

The highest level of their divisions might stand for your company department(s), types of actions, product line(s), your clients, or project themes, as you find more convenient. GitScrum’s workspace allows you to highly adapt and share data among workspaces and create exclusive private data.

Here are some tips you can follow and set up your GitScrum’s workspace:

  1. Open your Workspace
  2. Go to “Workspace Settings” on the Sidebar, then edit your “Workspace Details”.
  3. Name your workspace with your workflow’s name, or with your client’s name.
  4. Click “Update Details” to save.

Another to use secure task management from GitScrum is that you can make private projects. Yes, you don’t need to share them with all your team members. Select a few of them and bring them on!

For private projects, you invited company members who have access to the project, except company owners, who always have full access to projects private. But be aware: only Project Leader or the Workspace owner can access this configuration.

Invite members for GitScrum task management

For inviting members, it’s also a very secure place to manage in GitScrum. You can invite them to be part of the team’s Board by sharing links to the task or giving whole access. For example, you can go follow this step:

  1. Below the Header bar, there will be a Board bar, where you can obtain the Shareable link for your project board.
  2. Pick up “Get Shareable Link” to generate a new link.
  3. Copy-paste the URL and share it with whoever you want the board shared.

Or if you want to invite someone by email, it is easy. Check this:

  1. Open your Project.
  2. Go to “Project Settings” » “Project Members”.
  3. Click on “Invite”.
  4. Invite External Users.
  5. Fill in the required fields – “Full Name” and “Email”.
  6. Click on “Send Invite” to send an email with the invite to the project.

3. How GitScrum’s Documents helps you share files with everyone

Do you want more collaborative and secure task management? Well, we got that, and you will learn more about our Documents. This feature is a must for members who immediately needed to share links, documents, and important files for advancing in a task.

Documents are very helpful because you won’t need to waste time searching for them in many storage services because they will be already there for you. Make sure all team members are saving documents in the same place, and avoid missing important files.

You can add attachments from your tasks or add other relevant documents just by dragging and dropping them in the documents area. When you GitScrum’s Documents, you will find images, audio, text, videos, and so on. You can add them following these steps:

  1. Open your project.
  2. On the Sidebar, click “Documents.”
  3. Drag and drop your file to the white box to upload your file to your project, or click the white box to select a file from your computer. OR, use the buttons above to choose a file from Dropbox or Google Drive.

This feature is there to help you set all files you got in the project and don’t waste time downloading in other services. Documents will make you feel safe to drag and drop any file you want for your team.

4. Other ways to a more collaborative and secure tasks management

Time Tracking

You will be able to see your team’s work progress is going by scheduling and monitoring in what day or time they will finish a task. This is what GitScrum’s Time Tracking is all about. It follows as a team member is second to none to finish tasks and make improvements with a kind of feature approach.

To make it work in your team, you can use Time Tracking with these steps:

  • Project Settings
  • Details
  • Project Information
  • Sidebar – Macro Features

GitScrum Time Tracking enables a project. Your tasks will automatically show a timer that you can use any time.


The workflow template is an incredible tool for teamwork. This is a collaborative way to check and monitor everything macro in your project.

You will customize it in your GitScrum Board feature. You can make changes to your Workflow template later without affecting your tasks, so you can start creating a basic template.

Here is how you can create your own workflow template for collaborative and secure task management:

  1. Open your Workspace.
  2. On the Sidebar, click on “Workspace Settings”.
  3. Click on “Workspace Settings” » “Workflow” » “Create a new Template”.
  4. Type a name for your Workflow template – “Simple board” for example.
  5. Create task status with colored labels for your tasks, which will be used for your columns on your GitScrum Board.

Creating types of tasks

GitScrum has specific features that will drive you to add tasks for distinctive missions. They are too very collaborative and secure because you will have direct goals for special demands. You can try our Subtask, Form2Task, Task Type, Task Checklists, Task Effort, and Task Effort Templates.

They have specific goals, but they work for you to be more objective, optimized, and prioritize some activities in your projects. These GitScrum features exist to make your life easier and go straight to the project’s point.


Everything will be perfect if you and your teammates feel at home. So, GitScrum offers a White Label setup for your company’s logo and tasks.

You can customize your brand with the GitScrum project management tool and your workspace as well. They have several benefits and tools that you can find to personalize everything for your work improvement.

How about having your own domain or subdomain with GitScrum? It fits perfectly if you are looking for it and giving a professional face to your project. You can configure your SMTP servers, to include your corporate email address. With that, you need to send notifications to team members and clients will use this address as a sender.

Also, you can create and add a favicon. It enhances your marketing power and fast identification of your company’s brand.

These are a few of several options if using our label for making your business look professional. And, at the same time, cozy to your team members feel part of the company.

Create a good work environment with GitScrum tasks management

Once you start using all these GitScrum features and tools, you will see a better improvement in your team’s work. Feel secure and collaborative all the time using our best features and see your results increase!