Digital Marketing Careers: Explore Opportunities using GitScrum

One of the most popular areas, the careers in digital marketing is wide for those with an eye on digital skills.

The internet has become fundamental in modern times in all aspects, including several job opportunities in the most diverse segments.

The good news is that these companies can transform and perform well in the digital age. To do this, they must make use of technology to improve performance, increase reach and ensure better results.

In addition, the field of digital marketing is experiencing a promising moment for those who want to find a profession in the field and stand out. GitScrum is part of the online world and also helps many workers who have amazing jobs in digital marketing.

By reading this article, you will learn some of the hot digital marketing careers that you can apply to and use GitScrum to make your new job.

How to find opportunities in digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a set of communication strategies. The objective is to promote a brand, a person, or a company online.

The definition seems simple.  But the profession involves complex and very well-aligned strategies between people and technologies. It is under a variety of comprehensive actions and responsibilities.

Content production, design, video creation, social media management, real-time performance analysis and management, inbound marketing, and an agile mindset.

But, for this market, there are only positive perspectives. They were brought about by the good winds of technology and the growth of e-commerce. Digital marketing is an area greatly impacted by tech advances. A real example is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) resources applied in martechs.

GitScrum’s features are ideal tools for your entrance into the digital marketing world. They will help you increase productivity in these new careers and find tons of great opportunities.

What are the main Careers?

1. Social Media

Every company these days needs someone responsible to manage their social media, That is, taking care of their brand image in front of an increasingly demanding, communicative, and connected audience.

With the growing use of social media, this channel has become essential for the dissemination of brands. Therefore, the digital marketer must have knowledge of the techniques. And tools available to be able to align your company’s marketing actions in all channels.

In small companies, however, it is often the owner who is in charge of managing the social networks. So he/she must know what the rules are, how this new universe works. Also, how to communicate effectively with the public.

For this new career, how about using GitScrum’s Board? This feature will give you a great view of what activities you are doing in a day or week. Or, you can monitor your tasks and get to know what tasks you still need to deliver on different social media.

2. Content Production

A company’s content producer is in charge of producing specific and quality content to attract its target audience at different stages of consumer purchase.

In short: the objective of this professional is to prepare the public to know your product through the production of relevant content.

Producing quality content helps increase your website traffic, number of social media followers, number of leads generated by your blog. In addition to enabling more sales and fueling your company’s public relations.

Create your content and save them into a reliable tool such GitScrum Documents. This feature is amazing for those who need to write daily and share ASAP with clients. You can save files, images, or videos and share them in a moment.

3. E-commerce

E-commerce is becoming more and more popular. By eliminating any type of geographic limitation, the e-commerce professional is currently in great demand. But there is but still scarce in the market.

The e-commerce professionals are specialized in working on sales strategies for virtual stores. They understand very well about retailing, and pricing. In addition to knowing how to translate the company’s metrics into specific actions.

You need to catalog your e-commerce products somewhere. And using GitScrum Mind Mapping will give you an overall perspective of what you need to store and create several logistic steps for prompt delivery.

4. Buying Traffic and Understanding Metrics

The paid media specialist’s role is mainly to help generate leads and win customers with CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) campaigns.  In addition to measuring and optimizing paid media using Google Analytics and marketing automation tools.

You can be a media professional at an advertising agency and specialize in media buying for your advertisers, for example.

Therefore, it is up to the metrics analyst to have knowledge of various monitoring systems and determine which are the best metrics and KPIs that will be relevant for the entrepreneur.

From the well-researched data analysis, decision-making becomes more assertive, based on concrete data, and not supported exclusively by guesswork.

Understand your target data for buying advertisements using GitScrum Spreadsheet. This tool is amazing for collecting information and getting to know your budget to use in an online campaign. When you get more money after successful sales, you can start another cycle of the budget using Spreadsheet.

5. SEO

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional is extremely important to bring a qualified audience to your site. Traffic originating from search engines can represent up to 50% of your total audience. So investing in SEO is essential to keep your site in the top positions on Google and generate more traffic to your site.

In short, working with SEO means making improvements. So that the ranking of a website’s content is among the first options within search engines.

To grow search engines for a company, start using GitScrum’s Sprints. This feature will help you improve SEO abilities with challenges (tasks) to deliver in a week. You will follow a burndown chart to see your progression and you will perceive if you are getting better at developing SEO for your company.

6. Email Marketing

This is one of the oldest areas of online marketing and remains one of the most important. The Email Marketing strategy is one of the 3 media that generates the most sales in virtual stores. As the data shows, online stores have a great need to plan email campaigns.

For this, a professional is required who is well acquainted with the email marketing tools available on the market. And also how the entire process of this marketing strategy works. The main objective is to convert your leads into sales.

For developing email marketing skills, use GitScrum’s Wiki. It gives you a space for team collaboration and checks what holes or virtues you got in your email marketing process.

7. Automation and Funnels

This professional is a little more strategic and less operational. Because he/she is responsible for mapping a conversion process and automating it for companies of all sizes.

This profession is gaining more importance. All because companies are understanding that many manual activities can be automated. In other words, do more with less.

Create automation and funnels with GitScrum’s Time Tracking. This feature will give you awareness of the time to start and finish a task. It is absolutely positive for creating an operation digital marketing system and making you more responsible for your job.

8. Marketing Consultant

If you have a little knowledge in each of the areas mentioned above or if you have a lot of knowledge about a specific area, you can consult and serve companies that need your service.

This is a more entrepreneurial activity as you are not necessarily an employee of a company. Consultants are self-employed and generally seek professional autonomy and flexible working hours.

Consultancy is an incredible opportunity for working with digital marketing. And with GitScrum’s Subtasks, you will be able to schedule your consults in a dynamic workboard and speed up your clients’ appointments.

9. Marketing Agency

Another option is to open your own marketing agency. With your knowledge of digital marketing, you can serve different companies through your own agency.

Within the needs of the market, you intend to serve, assemble a team of specialists and work together to solve the main pains of your customers.

Owning a marketing agency, there is no other feature like GitScrum’s Task Checklists. This tool provides a set of activities that you can prioritize for your company and make your clients satisfied. You will be able to monitor all activities as an owner and update tasks with your clients.

10. Youtuber

Through Youtube, you can create a channel, promote your content, engage with your audience and earn money from advertising or selling products and services.

Being a successful Youtuber is the profession many young people want today. If that’s your wish, know that by studying digital marketing you can accelerate your development within Youtube.

For being a successful YouTuber, you need a plan for releasing your videos. And GitScrum’s Form2Task you will stop guessing and start doing your videos. You will make them based on facts and accurate data that lead to factual results and make some money.

11. Entrepreneur

If you want to run a business, your ability to oversee your team or your suppliers will increase significantly.

Having knowledge in digital marketing will help you to position yourself with more confidence and authority. In addition to making your analysis of company reports much more accurate.

For being an over-the-top entrepreneur, you need to risk sometimes and motivate yourself. GitScrum’s Rock Star Team will give you the motivation to increase your projects and you can start a competition for developing new tools.

Is digital marketing viable for everyone?

As you can see, the digital marketing department has room for different skills, roles, and titles. Think about the area you like best and invest in the skills needed to enter it. GitScrum has many tools and features for your development in a vast choice of digital marketing careers.