Do you want a work revolution? Find out this project management tool!

All project management is full of challenges. You, the project manager, well know. You need to have very refined skills in time management, teamwork, and workflow organization.

That’s because you need to deal with a series of simultaneous activities and closely monitor the team’s quality and productivity indicators. You need to help employees fulfill their tasks and perform good time management.

All of this can be done through a project management tool, like Gitscrum, which has Agile features that help you increase productivity in your team.

Here, you will find out why using Gitscrum’s smart project management tool will revolutionize the way you work and get the best results ever!

What is the importance of project management in the business world?

It is a set of best practices, methodologies, tools, knowledge, and skills that are used to monitor the completion of a project, from its beginning to its final delivery.

Thus, project management begins even before there is a project. It prospects customers and extends to post-sales and final consumer feedback.

GitScrum finds its position in the best time to have a project management tool because most of your team’s work will be online and you can control tasks with an amazing work experience.

The main purpose of project management is to guarantee a final delivery with quality and on time for the client. However, its activities go beyond the relationship with the client. It means that the management of quality projects includes a series of other activities, such as:

  • prepare the team and monitor performance over time;
  • plan the process from start to finish, including each of the steps and deadlines;
  • create adequate financial planning and allocate resources;
  • monitor indicators and goals related to project execution.

Technological tools

They are, in most cases, software or platforms developed for the organization of activities, team monitoring, and project management as a whole.

Most of the time, these tools put into practice the main project management methodologies, but using technological equipment and in an automated way.

You can also update the status of each activity automatically, attach reports, collect data and calculate metrics, all in one place.

When you use a real project management tool, like GitScrum, you will perceive some of the greatest qualities you will find out in it. First of all, GitScrum helps you monitor teams by tracking their performances. And you will see an increase in production between 20-50% instantly!

Second and foremost, you need to rely on the process. With GitScrum’s smart project management, trustworthiness is one of our best treats. Once you play out a demand for your team and make it assigned, you will follow and monitor every single step of them and demand or even celebrate the success of a job’s journey.

The main benefits of getting GitScrum features tools

Comply with customer’s schedules

Meeting the schedule as it is established is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to projects. This is because there are unforeseen events and delays in the delivery of employees, which accumulate throughout the project’s execution and means that the final product is also not ready on time.

With efficient project management, it is possible to optimize activities and ensure compliance with the schedule. That’s because this process allows you to quickly identify any delay in one of the stages of the project, being able to act and redistribute activities before it impacts the final product.

GitScrum has many benefits when you sign it. And using our amazing features will give you the best experience to lead and monitor a team to reach your customers.

And GitScrum’s User Stories will support you to understand your clients’ demands and perceptions of your product or service. Mind their will and create a percent schedule to deliver the best experience process of your market segmentation.

Improve process

A project is made up of a series of smaller processes that, when carried out correctly, allow the team to achieve the expected result. When you invest in quality project management, it is possible to map and monitor the execution of each one of them, measuring performance indicators and identifying problems over time.

With this, you can create efficient action plans based on facts and objective indicators to act in the continuous improvement of each of your company’s processes.

GitScrum’s Boards is ideal for those companies or teams which need to have a cycle process of work. Start with demand and who will do it. Then, schedule when they should deliver it. And once they finish it, you will be able to check it and optimize your workforce.

Optimize resources

Your team has a series of available resources, which include human resources, materials to carry out the activities, financial resources in cash, among others. It is crucial to optimize your inputs and also reduce costs within the business, boosting profits.

When you carry out well-done project management like GitScrum, you can reduce the resources needed to carry out each of the team’s projects. In this way, GitScrum optimizes this distribution and takes advantage of all the benefits it can bring to the business.

Identify bottlenecks

Project management has as one of its functions, the identification of risks and bottlenecks in each of the processes.

By having GitScrum, you can take decisions to improve the activities of the employees. Also, you can neutralize possible risks and unexpected events that could jeopardize the final results of your team’s projects. In this way, you can act and prevent problems from compromising your agency’s final results.

Organize your processes

GitScrum’s tools allow you to organize all activities that take place within the agency, in each of your projects, in one place.

This way, you can have access to a global view of the agency as a whole. You can follow the tasks performed by employees and interrupt when necessary.

Every GitScrum feature will lead you to keep all tasks and demands organized as a whole. Enjoy the process by using them, such as Sprints, which will give you the exact timing of a job done or about to be done within a week or month,

Automate actions

Updating the status of activities, collecting data, calculating indicators, and generating management reports. All these tasks, despite being extremely important for the functioning of your agency. It demands time and investment on the part of you and your team.

When you have a project management tool like GitScrum, you can automate all of them to avoid the team wasting time on bureaucratic and operational activities.

In addition to increasing the productivity of the team, you also reduce human error and rework rates within your project with GitScrum features.

Increase productivity

GitScrum allows the team to organize activities and carry out efficient time management. Furthermore, automating some activities also reduces the time required to carry out operational and bureaucratic tasks within the company.

All of this means that employees can do more in less time, Also, you can increase the productivity of the team as a whole. Any GitScrum feature you might want to choose will be a must for your team’s project and solve instant issues.

Guarantee accurate performance of all steps

Your projects are divided into a series of smaller steps. It must be carried out with attention to deadlines and quality requirements. The project must guarantee that the final delivery is also of quality and delivered on schedule.

It is essential to ensure that employees communicate and collaborate and have access to all the information necessary to carry out the activities. In addition to being important to close monitoring by the management.

GitScrum is all about that! You can follow all the company’s activities with ease and clarity and identify possible problems and necessary actions by the management team.

Create resource additions

Reducing company expenses and optimizing its resources is a great way to boost profits. And, consequently, the agency’s success. This is possible with the use of a project management tool.

This tool increases the team’s productivity and ensures that all activities are carried out in the best possible way. Thus, it optimizes the company’s resources.

In addition, GitScrum also allows you to save your team’s work time and financial investments in correcting errors and complying with bureaucracy.