Efficient Project Management with Workspace: The Ultimate Solution for Unlimited Projects

Filter Projects, Set Project Status, and Choose Between Public and Private Projects for Optimal Results

As a workspace owner or member, having the ability to manage and organize multiple projects efficiently is crucial. That’s why the GitScrum Workspace offers the option to group an unlimited number of projects in one place. With this feature, you can filter projects based on several parameters, including the project name, project label, and project status.

The project status can be set to one of three options: In Progress, Completed, or Archived. This allows you to easily keep track of the progress of each project and prioritize your tasks accordingly.

To further streamline your project management, the GitScrum Workspace also offers two different views for your projects: standard and compressed. The standard view displays the full details of each project, including the project name, label, status, and members. On the other hand, the compressed view shows only the essential details of each project, making it easier to quickly scan through your projects and find what you’re looking for.

Choose Between Public and Private Projects for Optimal Project Management

In addition to the standard and compressed views, Workspace also allows you to choose between public and private projects. Public projects are visible to all members of the workspace, while private projects can only be viewed by the project members themselves. This allows you to keep sensitive or confidential projects secure while still allowing collaboration and communication among the project members.

To further enhance the project management experience, Workspace offers a variety of tools and features that can be used to manage your projects. For example, you can add project members, assign tasks, set project milestones, and track progress. You can also communicate with project members and collaborate on documents, all within the GitScrum platform.

In conclusion, the GitScrum platform’s ability to group an unlimited number of projects and filter them based on various parameters, along with the option to choose between public and private projects, makes it a powerful tool for project management. Whether you’re working on a large-scale project or a smaller task, Workspace provides the tools and features necessary to ensure that your projects are well-organized, efficient, and on track. So take advantage of this feature and streamline your project management today.