Efficient Task Management with GitScrum Board

Maximizing Efficiency through Visualization and Improved Processes

Creating a task on your GitScrum Kanban board is simple and straightforward, allowing you to easily and efficiently visualize your workflow. By having a clear and concise overview of the tasks that need to be completed, you can prioritize your workload and manage your team’s progress more effectively.

The goal of the Kanban board is to increase visibility and organization, making it easier to track work items and understand their status. As you add tasks to your board, you can categorize them into different columns, each representing a different stage in the workflow process. This could be something like “To Do”, “In Progress”, and “Done”, for example.

By having a visual representation of the tasks, you and your team can quickly see what needs to be done, who is working on what, and what still needs to be accomplished. This level of transparency allows you to make informed decisions, reducing the risk of missed deadlines or confusion about task responsibilities.

Create a Task directly on GitScrum Board
  1. On the header of the column you want to add your Task, click the right (+) icon.
  2. On the tab “Create Task”, select the user (team member) you want to assign the Task to, and type the name of the Task.
  3. Click the “Create Task” blue button.
  4. After the Task is created, you will be able to open it and edit its details and description.

Create a Task with the Create Button (+)

  1. On GitScrum sidebar, click the (+) icon.
  2. Click Task.
  3. The “Create new task” screen will open, for you to fill in the task details.
  4. On this screen, select Project where the Task must be created, user it must be assigned to (team member), Workflow (initial Task status), Task title (task name), and a description for your Task.
  5. Click the “Create” blue button.

Task Management with the Latest Artificial Intelligence Techniques

With the AI Optimization option in GitScrum, task creation becomes a breeze. This feature leverages the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques to generate the Description, Checklist, and Labels based on the Task Title, saving you time and effort in task management. No more tedious manual inputs, simply enter the Task Title, and let the AI Optimization do the rest.

This smart solution not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures accuracy and consistency in your task descriptions and labels. So, take advantage of the AI Optimization option and simplify your task creation process with GitScrum.