Enhanced Project Onboarding and Board Tool Tutorials

Release Date: August 19, 2023


  • Project Onboarding: Introducing a seamless onboarding process for your project, designed to get you up to speed quickly.
  • Quick Tool Tutorials: Access concise explanations on utilizing the available tools within the Board. Learn how to efficiently share boards, create multiple boards per project, add tasks swiftly, and more.


  • Smooth Project Integration: Enjoy a hassle-free project entry with a tailored onboarding process designed for swift integration.
  • Time-Efficient Learning: Master essential tools quickly, saving time and ensuring you’re adept at managing tasks, boards, and collaborations right from the start.
  • Amplified Productivity: Rapid understanding of tool functionalities allows you to focus on project objectives, resulting in heightened overall efficiency.


We value your feedback! Feel free to share your thoughts on the new onboarding process and the quick tool tutorials. Your input will help us refine the experience and make further improvements.


We’re committed to providing a user-friendly experience that empowers you to make the most of the project management tools. The onboarding process and tool tutorials are just the beginning. Expect continuous enhancements and updates based on your valuable feedback.

Thank you for choosing our project management platform. We’re excited to have you on board!