GitScrum Custom Branding – Enhanced Social Media Link Data

Release Date: August 274, 2023


In this update, we are excited to introduce a highly anticipated enhancement to our GitScrum Custom Branding feature. Known as GitScrum White Label, this enhancement brings a significant improvement to the way your shared links appear when posted on social media platforms. We have focused on refining the data displayed within the shared links to ensure a seamless and accurate representation of your project management tool – GitScrum Custom Branding.

Enhanced Social Media Link Data

With GitScrum White Label, sharing your project management tool via social media has become even more impactful. Now, when you share a link to your GitScrum Custom Branding tool on social media platforms, the shared link’s metadata is displayed correctly. This means that the title and description you have meticulously configured for your Custom Branding are now accurately represented in the clickable link preview on social media platforms.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Enhanced Visibility: The improved link preview ensures that the shared link garners attention and engagement from your audience, as the title and description accurately reflect your Custom Branding.
  • Branding Consistency: Your project management tool’s identity remains consistent across various touchpoints, strengthening your brand presence and recognition.
  • Professionalism: The accurate representation of your Custom Branding in shared links boosts the professional appearance of your tool and business, leaving a positive impression on viewers.


At GitScrum, we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions for efficient project management. With the introduction of GitScrum White Label, we’ve taken another step forward in enhancing your experience with our platform. This enhancement not only streamlines the sharing process but also contributes to maintaining a consistent brand image across different platforms. We remain dedicated to continuously improving our services and tools to empower you with the best resources for managing your projects effectively. GitScrum Custom Branding keeps getting better every day, and we’re excited for you to experience the difference.

Stay productive, stay organized, and keep achieving your project goals with GitScrum Custom Branding!