GitScrum’s Killer Features for you to manage your Business and Projects

For managing a business or a project, you must need features to help you keep developing.

Currently, in the job market, we have several solutions for online management systems, project management software, and several tools that can help your company to better organize all the sharing of tasks, workflow, etc.

With the growth of the home office, these platforms have become increasingly popular. They allow you, from these project management applications, to take care and manage your team, deliver deadlines, without the need to be within the desk.

GitScrum has some killer features to help you manage your business and projects. They are your ally to make you see your team’s progress and productivity in a certain time. Why don’t you take a chance to find a better way to manage your team with our amazing features?

You will see your productivity increasing by having these awesome 7 GitScrum features and manage well your business and projects after you read this article!

What is project management?

It basically consists of structuring the way in which a given project, work, or service will be planned, executed, managed, and monitored. For this, we must detail how this work will be carried out and all its processes.

In addition, having a good organization and detailing the resources that will be used, such as financial, human, and material. For efficient project management, the project managers need to analyze risks and monitor them.

Another important thing is good control of everything, currently, there are several project management systems that provide complete online platforms. You can perform all the steps mentioned above, in addition to distributing tasks and having a more assertive control of the entire project.

What are the benefits of project management?

Investing in good project management is a good tool for that, it can bring several benefits to your company and your team, whether for day-to-day things or for longer projects.

Important things that good project management will guarantee you are a considerable reduction in costs and a greater optimization of your team’s time. Platforms allow you to distribute tasks and organize workflows faster and use much less material.

Because they are extremely easy to use and intuitive, these project management systems ensure greater engagement of your team. There would be more assertive results, clear communication, and more precise risk control.

7 GitScrum features to help you manage your business and projects

1. Tasks with Checklists and Time Tracking

We recommend using these two features at the same time because they will help you monitor and track your team’s performance. They have important functionalities that will give you space to prioritize crucial activities in your project or business.

Time tracking makes you able to reward your team members and partners. As a project manager, you will see how much they worked, and promote the demonstration of your work records. It’s perfect to use this feature in the GitScrum Board directly, so your team can open tasks and use Time Tracking in Boards.

There, you can see how your business or projects’ short-notice tasks are doing and in what way you can decide new paths or challenges for your team.

Also, Checklists are there to reduce risks and monitor closely every step of the task. Indeed, you will find this feature on the Boards to perform repetitive activities, check a list of requirements, or collect data in an orderly manner. You can use it to make systematic activity checks, and make sure that nothing will be out of the way.

In both features, you can assign team members who are on our platform and make detailed comments on their tasks or make oriented guidelines for this task.

2. Sprints

Everything in GitScrum looks for your best experience. You will find gamified features that will help increase your team’s productivity. And GitScrum’s Sprints are important to make them more competitive and deliver tasks on time.

If you look for developing new ways of working, Sprints are the real deal for your business. Create tasks and follow them until the finish date to see productivity increase in sprints, not in a marathon competition. The expected results are being delivered as such in the deadline timeframe.

The team should deliver the product backlog items and meet the definition of the appropriate stakeholder (Scrum Master, mostly). This professional will give a precise review of the work to advance the project management.

The more you make your team members responsible for their duties, the more productive they will be.

You will see your team’s improvements weekly with Sprints as long as you conduct work’s progress in our burndown chart. It’s the right tool to measure how the team’s work is going and fix any issues.

3. Mind Mapping

You can’t lead a team without direction. Especially if you don’t have any idea how to say or give tasks or demands to your team. When you need to create something, where did you organize it? GitScrum’s Mind Mapping will certainly give you the clarity to see what is next for your company.

This feature helps you bring to life projects that you meant to deliver in a certain time, but you couldn’t. Due to lack of organization or even confidence, now Mind Mapping will drive your business to these projects as you organize and brainstorm ideas in it.

As you look at the Map, you will be able to visualize how the project is going and define each tasks’ importance in the work. It helps you collaborate with teams in a way their ideas talk with each other and eventually connect.

You will literally have a 360° overview of your project or business’s tasks and future steps for the work’s progress. An amazing tool for reaching goals instantly!

4. Board Shared with Clients

One of the main benefits of using GitScrum’s Boards is sharing them with anyone. If you want your clients to see your work is progressing, you can use Boards with shareable links.

Our Boards optimize the performance of activities and the completion of tasks. Also, it helps you organize every task and demand and keep your team motivated and focused.

When you look to a fully organized board like GitScrum’s Boards, you will be able to check, in an overall view, what your team is doing and what they have to do to deliver the tasks. And your client must enjoy (depending on what is your area or background) seeing everything working well.

To share these links of your work with your clients, you can follow these steps:

  1. Below the Header bar, there will be a Board bar, where you can obtain the Shareable link for your project board.
  2. Pick up “Get Shareable Link” to generate a new link.
  3. Copy-paste the URL and share it with whoever you want the board shared.

Try to find what your client wishes to check and follow to share the board with them. However, GitScrum Boards are amazing for spreading tasks and sharing them with everyone.

5. Unlimited Users

Users in GitScrum collaborate within the workspace and can be part of teams and projects.  You can assign tasks to one or more team members, and you can include team members in a project or more.

However, if you sign one of our deal plans, you can have some invitations for users. If you want more of your team members participating in our Boards, we strongly recommend you to sign up for our Unlimited plan, which will give you plenty of unlimited tools too.

As soon as you get permission for unlimited users, the benefits will be great for your team. They will be able to access everything about the project and you don’t need to count how many more invitations you would have left. You will see work’s progress going on and you won’t need to worry about minor details of your business’s project.

6. Invoices

This is one of the smartest features of GitScrum. You can use Invoices with your team members to facilitate and organize your financial and administrative tasks. After sharing with them your Boards and do not limit their usage, your clients can use Invoices to check accurate data on the documents they receive. Also, you will reduce operational work and save time for strategic tasks.

You can introduce an Invoice to set up your client’s data, as well as their billing data. Also, you can make tasks complete and valued on GitScrum with Time Tracking, you can add them to your Invoice as billable.

Another goal of GitScrum’s Invoices is to create a preview and make downloadable this invoice. You will an awesome billing tool for facilitating your business finance and clients’ payment approach.

7. White Label

Finally, the most personal GitScrum feature: White Label. This feature is helpful for small businesses, freelancers, and others to have a domain to call yours.

When you sign up with GitScrum, regardless of the plan, you will be able to put your own business or project’s logo and make every one of your team familiar with the domain. You can change it with your brand and feel more at home as if it’s a project management tool created by you.

Make a surprise for them or even your clients Surprise using your domain or subdomain to log in to your project management tool. They will feel amazed, so will you.

GitScrum’s White Label is a unique tool among project management tools, just to make you and your team cozy and comfortable enough to work in a personal space.

Use GitScrum’s Features to increase your team’s productivity

These 7 features are proper for those project managers or even leaders who want to run a better productivity team. They will certainly give you usable options to increase more and more. There are still 100 more features to be used in GitScrum. You will feel secure to make your teamwork progressively and won’t waste time with disorganized tasks.