How to Create and Manage Translation and Interpreting Agency?

In a new and global world, where languages move from one location to another with the greatest speed and ease, there is a need for translation and interpreting for everything unknown to another.

In addition, other events take place here and need translation to happen, such as congresses, fairs, symposiums, and much more.

The relevance of mastering foreign languages and translation was the inspiring source for writing this article. It seeks to highlight the importance of the translator’s work in the corporate world.

Due to this reality, a good option to earn money and set up your own business is to open a translation company for those who speak another language.

In this article, you will learn how you can create and manage a translation and interpreting agency using Agile methods for better results and productivity.

Types of translation and interpreting for your agency

In general, a translation company today can find several growth markets. Legal translation, translation from Portuguese into English, and translation from English into Portuguese, is an example of a growing field in the world. Another very popular area is the website translation service.

Thousands of small businesses are looking to expand their products and services into new markets, causing an explosion in site localization demand.

Large companies have intensified the translation of their content to reach cultures across the globe. They translate from their websites as well as constantly translate marketing.

A very important area today is the software and application translation service. This market is promising as more and more companies want to sell their software in more countries.

Once ready, the software only needs to be translated to be applied in a new country, not requiring major changes.

However, it is important to understand that just translating the software is not enough, it is necessary to have a translation agency competent to make changes to the layout, graphics, banners, etc.

The translation and interpreting work

Translating a newsletter, document or report is not an easy task. It demands from the translator not only mastery of a foreign language, but also a deep knowledge of its culture. And, depending on the content, knowledge of a specific lexicon, such as information technology or economics, for example.

The work of a translator is silent, very subtle, but has great effects when translating relevant texts such as a contract or a company newsletter with continental coverage.

Translating also takes time, depending on the size of the document or text. Therefore, those who need a translation should consider the translation time in their schedule.

On the other hand, when a deadline is set, the translation will comply with its proposal: to translate it with perfection, into another language.

Clients of the Agency that Offers Translation and Interpreting Service

The clients of the company offering translation services are other organizations that have ramifications with the world, that speak to the international market. These have a permanent need for this type of work because of the relationships they establish abroad.

But not only these, but Governments also need translator services, because they receive many businessmen and representatives from other countries.

Academic and business events, such as congresses, fairs, and meetings, for example, often also need a translation. Because of this, organizers are clients too.

Translation  and Interpreting Agency Location

The place where the translation company will be installed must have easy access to clients, such as main streets, for example. As it is a company that mainly serves other companies, the right place may be exactly the one that is close to multinationals. Large cities, for example, house the financial center and it may be the most suitable to serve this type of public.

However, these are not only the best places to install the translation company. First of all, it is necessary to define who the company’s customers will be. Also, where he/she is and from this information, really define the right place.

Why are these questions so important? Because the public needs to feel comfortable and well attended.

Entrepreneurs must know that these details help to establish the company’s image and whoever wants to earn money by setting up their own business must have an expanded view of reality.

Services Offered At A Translation and Interpreting Agency

The company that provides this service can offer different types of translations so that it can reach as many clients as possible.

Of course, all this will depend on the entrepreneur’s ability to hire more people to do so.

The technique used for scientific work and writing manuals holds events such as lectures, congresses, conventions.

And simultaneous translation, with or without specific devices and has indications for occasions when the translation cannot need to go on, and also for those made for video subtitles.

With these ramifications within the translation service, it is easier to broaden the range of clientele, if that is the intention of the entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs prefer to specialize in offering only one type.

How to Make the Translation Agency known

As this is a translation company and it serves other companies and governments, advertising must be exclusive to this audience.

An aspect that helps a lot to publicize the translation company is putting it on the internet. With a clear, concise, and objective website, information is made available. And potential customers can be very knowledgeable about the service.

Translation Agency Structure

Some materials are essential to assemble the structure of the translation company. Office materials, such as a table, chair, computer, printer, fax, telephone, file cabinet, bookcase, and text editor software.

In addition, it will also be necessary to have specific technical dictionaries to help with the work of translating texts. And these texts should have the knowledge and qualifications of the professionals.

Scrum usage for Translation Agencies

There are some Agile methodologies, like Scrum, that you can use in a Translation Agency to get better results with your clients. Follow these instructions and prepare your translation team to attend and perform better:

1. Prioritize individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Everyone involved in the process must work together daily, communicating constantly and openly. Everyone must always seek to maintain a sustainable work environment that provides support, motivation, and trust.

2. Value the smooth running of the software over comprehensive documentation

Functional software made quickly and with quality is the primary measure of progress.

3. Collaborating with the customer more than negotiating contracts.

4. Responding to changes is more than following a plan.

Evaluate project progress every cycle and accept requirements changes even at the end of development. Thus, the customer can take advantage of competitive advantages.

5.Maximize the amount of work that didn’t need to strive for technical excellence from team members and for simple, intuitive design and usability.

6. Build, through daily coexistence, self-organizing teams.

Team members reflect on ways to increase their productivity and effectiveness based on the results of each cycle. Thus, they adjust their behavior to optimize their synergy and increase their delivery frequency.

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