How To Implement Meritocratic Work in your Company?

Meritocracy is a topic that has been widely discussed in the social, political, and labor spheres. However, in practice, there are several problems in implementing this type of recognition culture.

The high competitiveness of the market, customers demanding about the products and services that companies offer, and the financial and economic instability that the country is facing.

They demand organizations that deliver excellent results and that are composed of good employees who make it viable.

In this article, you will find out how you can implement healthy meritocratic work in your company to set every team member ready to grow using GitScrum’s best features!

What is a meritocracy, anyway?

The purpose of meritocracy in companies is to value, reward, and promote employees who have the best performance and results within the company. In other words, it is a management system that consists of considers merit as a form of evaluation to recognize the professional.

This method applies the idea that everyone is in the same starting position and competes equally with each other. With this, any promotion or bonus is granted after an employee’s merit assessment. That is, the higher the position, the more the individual tried to be there.

The culture is widely used in large and medium-sized companies, which value professionals through bonuses, salary increases, or offering higher positions. In addition, it works as a way to motivate employees to seek better results and professional development.

If you want to grow in your company, you have to perform well daily. How can you do that? GitScrum can lead you to compete equally with everyone and organize every task and demand you get.

Also, GitScrum is a perfect tool to show your leader or boss how an organized person you are. For example, introduce them to our Boards that will give a position to set your tasks to-do and to be done weekly or daily.

How to implement it in companies?

Meritocracy is important in the business environment as it is a good method to identify where the good employees are and reward them for a job well done.

Furthermore, it is a way of knowing where the company’s engines are, with innovative ideas and attitudes that will lead to success.

Meritocracy tends to value those who achieve the best performance and the best results.

Managers do not always know how to implement meritocracy in companies, but the reality is that many admire this management model.

The advantages are numerous, such as the enhancement and development of employees. As well as increased motivation, better productivity rates, fair remuneration, and, consequently, better results for the company.

Despite being quite popular, meritocracy in companies is not so simple to put into practice. GitScrum helps you recognize each professional for their dedication and the achievement of goals may seem simple. Use GitScrum’s Gantt Chart, for example, to understand how long a project should take, determine the resources needed, and plan the tasks in order.

Thus, the organization must implement performance management that is efficient to monitor the results obtained by employees.

1. Establish the merit rules

What is merit for one company will not necessarily be for another.

The first step on how to implement meritocracy in companies, then, is to clearly define the criteria for meritocracy to happen.

Try to avoid any failure in communication as much as possible.

Explain exactly what you expect from the professional and detail his goals and what he can achieve.

Also, be honest about the assessment methods so as not to create doubts and mistrust.

You can proceed with the merit rules if you use our Documents, which provides a wide space to add attachments from your tasks by dragging and dropping them in the documents area.

2. Promote benefits

See if there is a possibility to increase salaries, positions, or if the company prefers to pay bonuses according to productivity.

Now make it clear what the professional will gain and what he must do to reach the proposed result.

GitScrum is the perfect tool to help you show your team members and employees what can be their benefits by working on their own and showing improvements.

3. Plan to improve the community

It is important to plan to establish team approach strategies.

After all, meritocracy usually recognizes individual efforts, so it can drive away team spirit if it is not well structured.

Do not only emphasize the individual goals to be achieved but also those collective performances and their respective rewards.

GitScrum supports you by aligning the plan with the company’s policies, culture, values, ​​and visions, and be careful to promote the community as well. Try our Mind Mapping to brainstorm ideas easily and get the plan done.

4. Don’t create unattainable goals

Establish the goals according to the company’s gradual development and how you see the possibilities for growth.

Proposing surreal goals for the team will only worsen the level of productivity, worry employees, and demotivate them.

The proposal is exactly the opposite, to motivate according to an optimistic vision to reach the goals.

These, by the way, cannot overburden the collaborator, but add value to their work.

Stay humble with your plans and use our Sprints to put reasonable weekly goals for you and your team members.

5. Communication with feedback

Communication is very important for the company and makes a difference throughout the professional’s journey.

Make a point of communicating how this evaluation is on merit. The meritocracy in companies works, and make it clear if there are changes.

It is through them that GitScrum will point out the performance of your employees, announce rewards. And also through them that you will understand the acceptance of the model adopted by the company.

6. Define your performance reviews

It is necessary to define how their performance evaluations carry out and always follow the same standard so that the model is not unfair to anyone.

To ensure more assertiveness in your performance appraisal, you should use outcome measurement to gather as much data as you can.

GitScrum’s Spreadsheet is awesome for you who need to set previous and new data for your team and make them proud of you.

What are the advantages of meritocracy in companies?

When properly used, meritocracy helps to filter the company’s talents. It also increases team productivity, and employee engagement contributes to the company’s growth.

The most creative and innovative people stand out and reward for doing so, which encourages them to work harder and better. In this way, they see more meaning in their work and become more motivated and engaged.

With reward-driven productivity improvement, GitScrum can better develop its skills and increase the efficiency of business activities.

In addition, employees who are not meeting deadlines or having the expected performance end up being motivated to improve, having as an example and model the recognition achieved by their colleagues.

  • Encourage teamwork and improved results;
  • Strengthen the brand, also positively impacting the institutional image;
  • Stimulate the development and productivity of employees;
  • Allow the development of more assertive feedbacks, contributing to improvement points;
  • Contribute to well-designed positions and career plans;
  • Help improve the organizational climate;
  • Reduces absenteeism and improves talent retention.

These advantages seek to bring the best options for an employee to rise in a company. GitScrum has plenty of features that will lead to finding these advantages and spot you to the best jobs positions.

Is meritocracy in companies worth it?

Meritocracy in companies helps managers to identify the development of each team member and their respective groups. It promotes those who add more value to the company and offers training and motivation to those who contribute less.

You can implement it methodically and carefully. There is no way to implement meritocracy in companies in an improvised way.

Using GitScrum will drive you to competitiveness, but individualism cannot be stronger than the cooperation of teamwork.

In this way,  you can use GitScrum’s features to speed up meritocracy in companies. It can be an important instrument that helps to increase productivity and drives people to give their best for the organization.