How to Manage UX Design Projects with Scrum

Working with many clients’ demands requires a good organization. And in the UX Design world, you will have the finest tools to help you organize and monitor your daily tasks.

As a UX Designer, you have many projects to keep going on. And sometimes you may have miscommunication with your clients due to what they want. GitScrum has many features that will solve your UX Design professional issues.

With GitScrum, you will be able to manage multiple projects, prospects, and clients simultaneously. You will have better clearance of your tasks in these areas: home appliances, electronics, AI, software, website, apps, games, industrial machines, medical appliances, devices.

If you are issuing lots of rework, lack of briefing and feedback from your clients, or constant changes in your projects, now it’s time to set up everything with GitScrum.

After reading this article, you will understand how you can manage all UX design projects using GitScrum features that will help you increase productivity.

The role of UX Design in projects

When we refer to consumer customer needs, we are talking about both practical and emotional needs. From the individual’s point of view, this brand perception is not built in a single moment or point of contact. It reflects different perceptions in the interaction between the user and a company. This can be a positive or negative experience.

A UX Designer seeks, develops, and executes actions always focused on the user and on optimizing the user experience and satisfaction within the platforms and relationship with a company. This profession has been in the eyes of many companies. According to research from LinkedIn in 2020, UX designer is of the most wanted hard skills professions of the market.

Increasingly, companies that please and serve their customers well stand out in the market for these achievements. Thus, seeking to be among the main players in the market, the eyes of many companies are focused on this sector.

Therefore, this professional must study the market where the company operates, the pains and desires of its customers, and, based on this and constant feedback, seek to optimize the customer experience.

Such actions range from facilitating the user’s navigation within a website, minimizing the number of clicks he needs to perform a function, to customer service through some kind of help center.

GitScrum facilitates UX designers’ work-life with many features. As soon as you know your tasks and demands from different clients simultaneously, use our features to help you organize everything. You will feel more productive having organization and giving your clients the best experience.

What is the importance of UX Design in a project?

The more the internet evolves, the more fierce the market becomes, and the greater our expectations regarding companies.

In other words, the public has the power to decide. This significantly influences the quality of products and services, as brands need to stand out.

In this context, since UX Design values the user experience, it is right to say that it is a competitive instrument.

After all, investing in UX Design is a way to offer greater value to the customer. This effort, by the way, is noticeable and generates a return.

Using GitScrum features will make even more the UX designer important in a project because he/she will show great timing of finishing tasks and producing more.

What are the advantages of UX Design?

Public knowledge

This advantage is often overlooked because it is disguised between the stages of the process. However, it is impossible not to mention it, after all, expanding the public’s knowledge is a competitive advantage.

A company that knows its customer is capable of offering the best solutions. Evidently, research to improve the user experience has that goal.

However, by investigating the persona’s desires, needs, and feelings, it is possible to get even closer to the audience and think of other solutions.

And GitScrum’s User Stories are ideal for UX designers who need to understand their clients’ demands and issues. This feature is helpful to describe what your users want and give them the best experience after you improve what needs improvement.

User satisfaction

By offering a good experience, the user is expected to be satisfied with the product or service used. And when the client is satisfied, he/she ends up buying more and recommending the brand to other people.

Attracting a new customer costs more than keeping a current customer. Therefore, investing in loyalty is worth it.

And when you manage to satisfy your customer, the chances that he will become loyal to your brand are much greater. UX Design, therefore, is a strategy that adds to the relationship effort in customer retention.

GitScrum’s White Label, in this sense, is the right tool for great user loyalty. This feature will make your clients and teammates discover you can work and track project progress and succeed in your projects.

Cost reduction

Another important aspect of UX Design is related to cost reduction. The strategy solves usability issues before they can even happen.

Otherwise, launching a product on the market with flaws would be necessary to invest much more resources to correct each error pointed out.  Furthermore, without any prior study and user-centered development, it’s like working in the wrong way.

To understand how to reduce dispensable costs, you may use some features for better usability. You may try our Task Type, which gives an optimized area to create tasks to understand what you can cut in your costs. Or, you may use our Custom Fields, which allows you to create specific fields for each cost reduction, helping you to specific project needs.

Save Time optimization

Just as UX Design provides cost savings, it also saves time.

In addition to not wasting time with any corrections, UX Design also saves time because it usually goes hand in hand with agile methods. This, of course, contributes to the solutions being launched more efficiently, as well as faster, of course.

GitScrum offers all necessary features to keep in charge of projects, with no need to invest a lot of time using the platform. For example, you can our Spreadsheet, which will give you a good clearance of calculation tables and lists, so you can gather everything fully integrated into the same place.

More efficiency with management tasks

Once the market and users are studied, you build a very realistic scope. After all, the solution is not based on guesswork, but on information and evidence.

That way, with the product well defined, it’s hard not to work out. It is a sign that there is efficiency behind the actions.

Create your work calendar, take advantage of integrations with your online agenda and get important notifications with GitScrum Boards. 


For a brand to gain credibility, the work is hard. It takes time and a lot of effort. But UX Design has an expressive contribution in this regard.

This is because the user tends to recognize companies that are dedicated to pleasing him. Therefore, if the product or service offers a good experience, the customer is likely to build a relationship based on trust.

To get better credibility with your users/clients, how about having a feature like Wiki? In this tool, everything is shareable with your teammates to get knowledge of the tasks to improve and evolve new ideas. GitScrum’s Wiki is amazing for UX designers who need to brainstorm and learn from others about the projects.

Is it worth investing in UX Design?

This market continues to grow and will expand much more. Thousands of companies have already realized the benefits of the best and have been getting an exponential increase in the quality of their products/services and, consequently, in revenue.

UX brings the user to the center of the process, understanding their needs and limitations, making the final product to be developed based on this information.

With GitScrum features, you can test users and observe this interaction. In this way, it is possible to identify obstacles and difficulties and correct them instantly.