How to Set Research and Development in a Startup?

The high competitiveness imposed by globalization makes the research and development (R&D) activity essential for companies that want to survive today.

As a result, business success increasingly depends on the ability to innovate technologically. It places new products on the market with better quality, benefiting the customer, and, above all, faster than competitors.

It is essential that the company’s global planning is engaged with the research activity, the medium and long-term vision, good alignment in the decision-making process at the strategic level and in technical decisions.

GitScrum leads resorting to startups that have been beneficial for companies. This is because it is often possible to find a service tailored to the demand, as well as being a way to solve problems and rethink part of the business.

After you read this article, you will be able to understand the role of research and development in a startup company using GitScrum’s outstanding features!

What does the research and development sector do?

R&D is the combination of research that consists of applying new knowledge to obtain practical results.

In other words, it is the area responsible for conducting surveys as the main methodology to gather information about customer needs. Furthermore, product development allows companies to create new sources of revenue and grow in the market.

R&D is a great option and has become a necessity for companies in general. GitScrum helps your company to create a culture of innovation and generate greater performance. Start with our Boards to set organizational procedures of research and development work to keep your company increasing.

What is its role?

The research and development sector involves the company as a whole. R & D is responsible for interacting with the other functions of the company.

It also dialogues to permanently assess the use of technology, the behavior of competitors, the technology trend at a global level, and the dissemination of knowledge within the company.

The role of R&D encompasses a huge range of possibilities for its implementation, from a simple professional with a bias towards research. GitScrum helps you seek knowledge about the company’s technology, to formalize structures.

Therefore, GitScrum’s Sprints help activities involve creative work to increase knowledge weekly. This tool allows companies to adjust weekly or daily market changes while remaining competitive in a world of constant technological advancement.

Change in the profile of the research and development professional

The research sector is nothing new for companies. Data collection has always been an important process to discover the relevance of products and services to consumers.

However, changes took place in the profile of this professional and in the union with the need to develop based on the collected data.

Companies used to look for researchers focused only on gathering information. However, the problem was to relate the results obtained with the areas responsible for developing and transforming them into something scalable for the company.

GitScrum supports you in a way that makes it possible to reach the development of a product with these skills. For example, you can use our RockStar Team feature to increase competitiveness and productivity to make your team more responsible and develop their skills.

Brand new categories

New products for a certain brand, but not new to the market. A good example is when a car company decides to enter the motorcycle market. Use our White Label to unlock the powerful brand experience for your clients.

Additions to the product line

New products launched to expand a company’s product line. Generally, they cater to the seasonal appeal of the public or a need for market expansion. GitScrum offers the best features that you can track the demands of your clients, such as User Stories. This tool will start solving real users’ problems with your tasks.

Improvement in products

Mainly in the launching stage of an MVP, the result of the action of the R&D sector is fundamental for the application of improvements and increments of the product. Use our Subtasks to get a complete efficient overview for research and development increasing.


Finally, the last type of new product highlighted is the one that acts to reposition the brand. Thus, it serves for the company to start operating in a new market or serving a new audience. GitScrum’s Spreadsheet will drive you to add and arrange strong data.

It is important to mention that, currently, all processes in this area are related to innovation.

How important is R & D for startups?

R&D is extremely important for companies, whatever their industry. In general, by investing in research and development, they can leverage their sales and develop their business, gaining prominence in the market.

Company development

Investing in research and development is one of the keys to achieving the company’s development, especially in the financial area. With new products and processes, the company maximizes its technological capacity, increases its productivity, and, consequently, grows and develops.

GitScrum sets stages of the research and development process well structured and tested, the company’s chances of success are enormous.

Business evolution

The research and development sector is fundamental for the company’s evolution. That’s because, in the current economic scenario, companies are forced to adapt to globalization.

In this way, they start to develop a high capacity for innovation and investments in R&D. Furthermore, with GitScrum features, research and development are one of the processes responsible for adding value to the business.

The advantage in the competitive market

Competitiveness is a prominent factor in the market, in which companies always seek to offer the best product at a lower cost.

In terms of competitive strategy companies acquire an advantage in the market. They improve the productivity and quality of their services. Use GitScrum features to manage your research and development department to organize your work life.

Improvement in employee training

One of the advantages of introducing R&D is the improvement in the training of employees, who become increasingly prepared to react to technological challenges and, more than fulfilling tasks, to see and propose opportunities for innovation in the company’s daily activities.

As the researches are developed, these professionals articulate a series of knowledge. They get used to a work methodology and search for knowledge that makes all the difference. Use GitScrum’s Mind Mapping for allowing you to see all the topics, ideas, and steps of increasing research and development.

More consumer benefits

To maintain product quality, companies need to abandon the knowledge that makes them obsolete. And also learn to create new things through continuous improvement of their activities, developing new applications, and continuously innovating the process.

This makes the quality of the products higher, guaranteeing benefits to the final consumer. For this, GitScrum helps the research and development sector is composed of technical professionals capable of theorizing marketable products that meet the needs of customers.


Innovation is a crucial strategy to raise the level of competitiveness of companies. And to implement a policy of continuous innovation, the research and development sector is indispensable.

The development of innovations is strongly conditioned to the existence of an environment in which creative ideas can emerge and be applied effectively and knowledge can be accumulated.

GitScrum is enthusiastic about fresh trends. Our features seek to create a great environment for innovation and develop new ways of working.

R &D relationship with startups

The synergy of startups with large companies occurs from the moment the entrepreneur is the most suitable for a given company project. Some organizations choose to set up an office to host the chosen startup.

The path will always depend on the strategy to be adopted by the company. It intends to make this partnership financially viable, such as through a corporate venture policy, partnership terms, service provision contracts, etc.

It is important to note that GitScrum bonds the relationship between some companies and startups and it has been a great challenge. There is still a wide difference in culture between organizations.

On the one hand, large companies with bureaucratic policies legislation. And on the other, startups, with leaner and faster processes, especially using GitScrum features!