How to Write Attractive Team Task Titles

When you need to delegate tasks, you will have to be very clear. This is common sense for managers who seek to create clarity for their teammates in task titles.

However, most of them don’t understand what are the tasks and feel confused because of the team task title in a project management tool. So, there is a chance to fix it and have powerful titles in your tasks.

If you use some of GitScrum’s tasks features, you will feel the difference to let your team know what they have to do and get the job done!

In this article, you will learn how to write attractive team task titles for everybody on your team to deliver the best results for your company!

You have a big task list. How to say it for your teammates?

Since you start writing what someone on your team needs to do for the week, you will have to think about the task title. For some, it’s not an easy task. Because you’ve got to summarize in a few words what they have to do next.

Don’t mind listing their tasks in the text. However, pay careful attention to the task title, since they may get puzzled and don’t open and click on the task. 

Giving names for the tasks will save you from future problems and delays of tasks. But, how can you write them? Don’t use the name of categories or types of work or tools. Use sentence verbs, with specific information for your teammates to better understand initially their demands.

In a nutshell, your team tasks title should be clear, specific, with sentence verbs and with context. Simple as that. If you say: “Report”, what is the title message here? It can be everything and your teammates might not get what you want.

So, how about writing specifically this:

“Finish the marketing report for Jennifer by Friday noon.”

Does it look much clear than the previous one?

GitScrum’s task features are perfect for listing tasks. And writing great task titles

Alright, you already know that Gitscrum helps you organize your tasks, regardless of your goals and types of work. We support you with plenty of features to make your work life easier and let your teams safe to deliver more results.

Whatever Gitscrum feature you might choose for specific reasons, they will offer you ways to organize your tasks lists and, more than that, have space for creating a great task title.

Would like to use our Subtask or Form2Task? Or even our Task Type or Task Checklists? They have different goals, but they help you out in letting your team know their demands by looking at the task title.

There are many GitScrum feature options that simply you need to have as a project management tool.

Tips to write irresistible task titles

It is by reading your title that people will decide whether or not to click to read more. After all, it’s the first impression the reader will have, and if the title is bad, even if you’ve written very rich content, chances are your number of views won’t be high.

In short, your title is what will define the success of your text. The content produced is also extremely important. There are a few tips to write unforgettable task titles for your teammates and read the task descriptions:

Be attractive for task titles

The title of your text represents this first look: if it is bland and common, readers will hardly be interested in knowing it in depth. A good headline, therefore, needs to incite passion, at first sight, making the reader want to know more about your content.

A title like “Take better care of your project” for example, will surely not attract as many readers as “Change your project with these tips”. The second is stronger, more flashy, conveys a sense of urgency, and thus arouses more interest.

Furthermore, being attractive means much more than dressing up to a standard. It takes a lot more to conquer the reader! After all, we need to accept the fact that a person who is different, unique, and with a personality draws much more attention than one who follows an aesthetic standard.

Know how to prepare it

When thinking about the title of your text, the same prior preparation should be performed, preferably using techniques such as brainstorming and mind mapping to find the best option.

Try to spend at least a few minutes before submitting the text researching and listing topics and words related to the subject, elaborating different alternatives and approaches until, finally, selecting the best option.

This task will take a little effort, but it’s essential to find the title most likely to win your reader in a few words.

Do not hesitate to create more than one title and then decide which one is more interesting for the reader. After all, you are probably not an expert on the proposed subject and need to explore some possibilities to arrive at the perfect title.

Arouse curiosity

Make the teammates curious. Enticing the reader by showing that you have the key to solving their problems, for example, is an excellent strategy.

If a person tells you everything they like the companion to do on the first date, they will quickly know how to act and the achievement will probably not be so much fun. In the meantime, if she gives signs and guides you to the path of conquest, you will feel excited to fulfill that challenge and unravel the mystery.

Be the solution to problems

Speaking of the key to solving an issue, it is a fact that all people are looking for something special. And at the first meeting, you must demonstrate that you can be exactly what you are missing. Whether at the company you want to work for or the life of that person you would love to start a relationship with.

Trying to understand what the other is looking for and how you can fulfill that desire is a foolproof technique to make them want to know you more deeply.

When you make a web title, this desire to find what was missing is also present. Therefore, it is necessary to find out what are the challenges faced by your teammates and, from there, show right in the title that your content has the solution to these problems.

Don’t write something that is not part of the demand

On the other hand, a serious problem with making the first impression is giving a different image of what you are or have to offer. As soon as the other person approaches and realizes that you are not what you appeared to be, they will withdraw and will not give credibility to anything you say. Therefore, you should never try to look like something you are not.

Likewise, your headline shouldn’t simply indicate that you have a solution to your teammates’ problem if you’re not able to truly offer it. A lying title, which promises something that the content doesn’t deliver, generates a feeling that the reader has been deceived and is wasting time with your text. This makes all other information, however good, lose its relevance.

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