Get the Deal Done: How Agile Methodologies Increase your Real Estate Brokerage Sales

Buying a home is most people’s dream and requires some planning. All this is to provide a healthy environment for your family and enjoy the deserved comfort. The realtor helps you with this decision.

As it is a major acquisition, some processes need to be completed between the search for the ideal property and the moment to close the deal.

As a Real Estate broker, you are the bond of this dream becoming a reality for your clients. That’s why you need to be prepared.

Building a work process to make that connection as easy and fast as possible is not a problem anymore.

In this article, you will understand how a real estate broker can work using Agile methods and get better results in this area (more home sales). GitScrum has perfect tools for real estate brokers to improve and have the best highlights in a brokerage.

What is a Real Estate Broker and his/her responsibilities?

His/her main function is to carry out the real estate intermediation between the buyer and seller, making the transaction happen in the best way for both.

Evaluate and inform

It is also the role of this professional to inform the buyer about the main aspects of the property, acting as a negotiator and consultation professional.

Therefore, it is the broker’s task to make the consumer aware of the characteristics of the property and the neighborhood.

In other words, it can provide a parameter on the state and quality of the residence, whether the region tends to increase in value and which businesses and services are offered in the region.


This is one of the most important broker roles. Real estate transactions often require a series of specific documentation.

The broker helps enormously in this aspect, he facilitates and comprehensively explains how all these legal procedures work, saving possible headaches when dealing with this matter.

What should a good realtor know?

– Have a good technical knowledge of the properties you propose to sell.
– Understand the factors that affect the price of the property and the use of mortgage loans.
– Understand correctly what must be done in the legal scope so as not to generate complications regarding payments and release of documentation.

How to be more agile with an agile methodology?

1. Don’t keep the customer waiting

Having a team of professionals always prepared to serve customers is essential to maintain a “healthy” flow. Therefore, maintaining a rotation system or another methodology that organizes the order of brokers in real estate can be a great way to respond quickly to those interested in real estate.

2. Avoid long messages

Anyone who takes advantage of virtual tools to send messages to professionals wants something practical and objective. So, don’t tire the customer with long explanation texts, leave the more “bureaucratic” and long part for a personal chat.

It is noteworthy that being objective is not answering the customer in any way. They should feel that they are getting responsive, personalized service at the same time.

Leaving a meeting room due to ambiguities or big doubts in the client’s mind does not fit in the vocabulary of the real estate market, as professionals in this sector are dealing with one of the biggest investments in someone’s life.

3. Use notifications

Especially if you use tools that allow notifications when receiving a message, such as an email, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any platform integrated with the chat on the real estate website, it is important to always keep the alert activated. Use a Task Checklist to prevent missing important messages for your clients.

With this, whenever you receive someone interested in your properties, you will be able to know that you have received a new contact and will be able to provide faster service.

4. Good internet connection

It’s no use being an agile professional if you don’t have the necessary tools to work with good performance.

Therefore, regardless of the place of work you have, it is important to have a quality internet network, to avoid harming yourself due to the connection.

Making the onboarding of new realtors more agile is a strategy for the company’s results to come with greater speed and constancy, including avoiding falls during periods of team renewal.

Therefore, betting on the Agile Methodology in sales with this objective can be extremely advantageous for the business.

It is only necessary to remember that agile onboarding needs to be executed with collaboration, frequent analysis, and involvement of leaders from different areas. And having a feature like Wiki will help collaborate improving ideas and coming up with better solutions. With this, the success of the operation will be much closer!

What are the benefits of using agile methodology in real estate?

The routine of real estate professionals can be, to say the least, chaotic. If you’re a professional in the field, you probably already know this.

However, as in most industries, one of the main ways to improve the efficiency of processes is through the organization.

In this case, through agile methodologies, the idea is to restructure the way you and your team approach projects and routines.

What are the benefits of using these methods?

– Greater customer involvement in targeting;
– Greater and constant delivery of value;
– Streamlines and simplifies the execution of routine tasks;
– Offers an overview of everything;
– Centralizes the main project information;
– Improves collaboration and communication between the team;

Main agile methodologies for your real estate

The main methods you should know about are:

1. Scrum

One of the best-known agile methodologies is Scrum. It is a strategy created in 1990 that helps teams organize themselves focused on a single objective.

For its operation, the method brings some specific terms that act as pillars for its success:

– Product Owner: individual responsible for coordinating the team and managing the project development stages;

Sprint: work cycle that divides the project into weekly, fortnightly, or monthly deliveries, to improve monitoring. A project can have several sprints until delivery;

– Scrum Master: professional responsible for managing, implementing, and assisting the team with the inclusion of Scrum.

Always with the idea of ​​offering the best possible quality in each delivery, divide the project into sprints, with several meetings (daily, weekly or monthly) in the period. The management of the process is by the Product Owner, always with the help of the Scrum Master.

2. Kanban

Another very popular methodology is Kanban. The idea here is to help the comprehension and monitoring of tasks through a visual method based on frames, which in turn you divide into columns.

Normally, the division of the columns is into three main categories: pending, in progress, and done (or completed).

Then, the team divides the period’s tasks into post-its, placing each of the columns. This gives you a complete view of the progress of each project, as well as the ability to prioritize what matters most.

GitScrum has a great Board for realtors to help with project management, and they can be a good solution for real estate agencies looking to get organized.

3. Lean

The Lean methodology was based on Lean Manufacturing, initiated by the Toyota Production System.

With the mission of reducing the time and resources lost in industrial processes, the method provides for cheaper and faster management for projects (or companies).

Always using only the resources needed for each stage of the project, you can also combine Lean with Scrum and Kanban in your real estate.

Is it worth it for real estate brokers?

Applying the agile mindset to your real estate will not be an easy task. To be successful, the entire team will need to get the motivation to adopt the necessary changes.

However, it is an approval set of methods by the main companies in the world, and they certainly bring results.

GitScrum supports your team to better results and effective deliveries!

Set your workflow and board to guide your Agile team, assign Tasks, Subtasks and keep in charge of the whole process evolvements. Allow your Agile team to collaborate.

Reach higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and deliverability with GitScrum. Work focused on prioritizing what’s valuable and tracking your flow to overcome results.

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