Simplifying Task Assignments with Automated User Assignment

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Release Date: September 18, 2023

New Feature

Added the ability to automate task assignment to a specific user when a task is moved to a specific column, such as the “DONE” column.

Feature Details

Now, when moving a task to a designated column, the system will automatically assign the task to the project leader or another specified user.

This helps ensure that the project leader is notified whenever a task is completed and needs to be reviewed.

How to Use

Administrators can configure the automation in column settings by defining the target column (e.g., “DONE”) and the user who will be automatically assigned when the task is moved to that column.

Example of Use

Suppose you have a “DONE” column representing completed tasks in a project. You can configure the automation to automatically assign the task to the project leader whenever it is moved to that column. This allows the project leader to verify that everything has been completed correctly before closing the task.

Additional Notes

This is an update to the “Assign Task to User” automation feature that enables automatic assignment based on task movement to a specific column.

We look forward to receiving user feedback on how this feature can be further enhanced to better meet the needs of your team.

We expect to continue improving this automation based on received feedback.

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