Smart Educational Management for Schools with GitScrum – eBook

Create disruptive projects and manage cross functional school teams


Project Management for Schools with GitScrum eBook

Are you willing to explore all the potential of your teachers and students?

We are here to introduce you to GitScrum, the smartest project management tool for schools, and its features for you to manage your educational team and weekly administrative demands.

Encourage teachers and students to develop and publish valuable content together with GitScrum, and accomplish your mission to form conscious, capable citizens.

This GitScrum eBook is our little gift to you:
“SMART EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT – Project Management for Schools with GitScrum”

See what you can do to organize your department’s workflow, build didactical visual mind maps and start creating amazing projects.

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Denise Maciel

GitScrum copywriter - Marketing & advertising specialist, communicator, artist in spare time.