Steps for entrepreneurs to develop Agile Methodologies

A true entrepreneur works in any place or situation. It is the one who brings together all or almost all of the skills of a leader and if he does not have them in full, he/she will certainly pursue all learning opportunities that arise.

For an organization to be successful, the flow of activities in all areas must be convergent with adequate fluidity.

The Scrum methodology is one of the most used for software project management and planning. It works with the definition of sequential goal that you must achieve in a defined interval (cycles or sprints).

At the end of each cycle, it is necessary to have some working results be shown and receive immediate feedback throughout the work for constant improvement.

In this article, you will learn how entrepreneurs achieve goals and start their project work using Agile.

Steps for increasing productivity with Agile for Entrepreneurship

This agile development is a set of practices and methods that are based on some principles and values. Some of them are collaboration, self-organization, project sharing among multidisciplinary teams, which will carry out in stages, validating each completed stage.

Here are at least 4 steps to help entrepreneurs to implement Agile Methodologies. Also, these steps may give entrepreneurs knowledge to motivate members and increase team’s productivity:

Analytical scenarios for a moment

It is important to know and analyze the scenario in which way you will act. However, the most important thing is to carry out this action in a fast, efficient, and effective way so that the timing of what you intend to launch is not lost.

Validate the most critical part of a project/product

The fear of making mistakes is very common and understandable, but it is unacceptable to believe that it is not possible to make mistakes.

The error will always be part of choices made, there is no way out of it.

For this reason, it is necessary to find facilitators, parameters to guide the choices at first and this needs to be done quickly so that the project/product gets off the ground.

Understanding the work’s environment

The path may be arduous and challenging. There must be a point the value of courage in entrepreneurs as imperfect and subject to many returns in the development of a product or even a team enters.

On the other hand, the multiple existing options allow for varied strands of action, choices, and paths, which generate great opportunities for everyone.

Make a backlog of your product/project

Scrum can be an important aid in building successful teams, just use creativity and the ability to adapt values, practices, and attitudes.

The list of priorities needs to be prepared with the organization, that is, depending on the complexity of what will be designed and worked.

It needs to divide into stages so that the flow of activities is more orderly and the monitoring.

Furthermore, the detailing of the items on the list should only occur in those that have the highest priority, otherwise, it will not be successful in achieving any objective.

How to create communication as entrepreneurs?

Listen to the customer

Make the first meetings in person, gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, the more elements involved, the clearer the communication.

Meet the customer in your work environment. This makes it possible to know important aspects and details you wouldn’t talk about.

Solve issues

Before suggesting solutions, or starting to define, understand how it works, and how they do it.

There are extremely important details that only the person carrying out the task knows. Ask who will use your solution what could be done to make their job easier.

If you have a solution previously defined, explain and ask what they think about it, it may be that they already find points that will not work even before any action.

Anticipate side effects

If the solution suggestion pleases those involved, be careful not to create another problem. To anticipate side effects, it is necessary to know how you can correlate the processes.

Pursuing the Same Goal

After this first contact, it is still necessary to involve all other experts in the fields of knowledge that will contribute to the creation of possible solutions.

There are technical details, new technologies, market issues, and a unique experience accumulated by each professional. They enrich, identify limitations, anticipate failures.

Present the solution before running it

After you find the solution, it is important to make some sketches, prototypes, demonstrations, or simulations to present to the customer, employees, and people involved.

At each step, there must be communication, validation, and feedback from the customer. In agile development changes are always welcome, the faster you diagnose a situation, the better.

Team members looking for the customer

In a first presentation, it is interesting to take some members of the team, so that they can have an overview, talk directly and clarify any doubts.

With a prototype in hand and the entire team gathered at the client, it is easier to acquire clarity and speak the same language.

It is also a way to eliminate that miscommunication generated by the traditional model that resembles the wireless phone game.

Define the first Cycle or Sprint

With a clear vision and aligned team, you should create a plan. In addition, you can divide the work into simple tasks of short duration. Therefore, complete them in a maximum period of 6 weeks.

After that, the product is tested by the customer, results and feedback are collected, and a new cycle or Sprint begins. It follows this process until you complete the project.

You can determine the priority of tasks by their degree of relevance, do the most important first.

What happens after you go for Agile in Entrepreneurship

Scrum is about how a person, a team, or an organization becomes able to respond to this complexity.

Also, it can respond to unforeseen metamorphoses, to move with agility and enthusiasm through an ever-changing problem space. The pace of change requires a different way of working.

However, to truly harness the power of Scrum, the kind dramatic increases in productivity and value delivery. Also, it delivers the need to be a fundamental shift in management and operations.

While some Scrum teams can complete their projects with great speed, what we want is Scrum at the corporate level.

Traditional structures must change, as do incentives and performance management.

Even if they are not part of the Scrum teams themselves, all members of the organization must learn how to interact with them, provide what they need, help them and manage them in a new way.

When you understand the scope of the necessary transformation, those who work in traditional organizations sometimes simply give up.

There is too much bureaucracy, too much history, too many corporate procedures in established companies.

You can’t just change everything, managers say, that’s not how we work here. And if things go wrong, they start looking for someone to blame.

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