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How to Create a Successful App with agile methodologies

In order to have an agile application development, it is necessary to apply a set of techniques and processes that determine the deadlines and deliveries of each phase of the development of a technology project. When compared to traditional project management, Agile Methodologies seek real-time communication between the development team and the end customer. Instead, […]

How to Power up Growth Hacking Techniques with Agile Methodologies

Do you know there is a connection between Growth Hacking and Agile Methodology? Looking initially, these themes may seem a little distant. However, these concepts are related. Many companies, however, do not have this information and end up missing opportunities to grow and make their business more scalable. Growth Hacking is a framework, which aims […]

What is the Difference between Devops and Agile?

Most software development professionals have heard of methodologies such as DevOps and Agile. However, it is natural to face some doubts when choosing between them. This is because the differences between one and the other are not always clear. To understand exactly the advantages of opting for DevOps or Agile, it’s important to have some […]

How You Can Implement Agile Marketing in a Company

You’ve already heard about “agile management” or “agile methodologies”. These terms are common in the industry and the area of ​​software development, but they have become more and more frequent in the daily life of advertising and communication agencies. In these businesses, the idea is known as Agile Marketing. Agile management emerged in the 80s […]

Scrum is your Ally to Assess your Team’s Performance: Find Out Why

There are some agile metrics you can track to assess your team’s progress and implement improvements when needed. A good example is Scrum metrics. With each passing day, teams need to increase deliveries, even if the time does not increase at the same rate. To help meet this schedule, give teams more agility and productivity, […]

Discover Advanced Feature-Driven Development practices in a Project Management

Before the Agile Manifesto came to life, some tools ruled the management world. And of them is the Feature-Driven Development, as known as FDD. The FDD was first of all created by Jeff de Luca in 1997, based on the Coad method, created by Peter Coad in the 1980s,  and on the interactive and lean […]

Scrum and Agile: understand these concepts and how they can change the way your team reaches results

In the team’s work world, Agile methodology and Scrum are two words that are very popular within its environment. Many project management teams, tasks leaders, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, etc, manage both of them, and sometimes you might get confused when you work them simultaneously. But before we go deeper into these details, you need […]