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The Ultimate Agile Glossary – Terms, Expressions and Acronyms you should know

A Acceptance Criteria These are a set of requirements/conditions that software ought to meet before it is accepted by a user. According to the information they manage on user stories, the product owners are responsible for defining acceptance criteria. Acceptance Test(s) These tests need to take place, to ensure the features are working right, according […]

DevOps Culture: Creating Better Performance

In an increasingly competitive IT market, DevOps has become a strong ally for companies. Also, it seeks to modernize its processes and eliminate traditional hierarchies. And DevOps culture appears as a strategy to solve these problems and increase both work aspects. DevOps principles help in managing environments and enable organizations to succeed in aligning their […]

How to Create a Pipeline DevOps for IT teams

The DevOps culture aims to break down barriers between teams, while the pipeline unites all worlds: infrastructure, development, automation. Because all teams want to deliver with quality and metrics and because it would be possible to collect how many rollouts were done, for example, in addition to a lot of other data. Continuous Delivery (CD) […]

5 Best DevOps practices to start in your company now!

Speeding up the flow of software development from development to production not only is it an urgency, but also it is a challenge. It’s hard for managers to tinker with operations. DevOps practices, within the software development cycle, came precisely to propose a profound transformation in this. Implementing the best practices of a DevOps cycle […]

7 Benefits to Deliver more Value with DevOps

Many companies have to release versions of software very often. But, how to deliver these versions with quality and put them into production quickly? DevOps came to create a fast solutions for companies. There are several goals of DevOps practice that we can point out: speed and quality in delivering value, extensive use of automation […]