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How To Get Your Agile Scrum Foundation Certification in Brazil

Agile Scrum Foundation Certification is fast becoming the most popular certification for project managers. This is hardly surprising because the Agile Scrum methodology is currently seen as the best way to manage projects. If you want to get your Agile Scrum Foundation certification, Brazil is an excellent place to do it.  What is the Agile […]

How to use Gamification Strategies in Companies?

Adopting gamification strategies in the company is a great way to make processes and activities more engaging, optimized and efficient, offering an innovative experience to obtain positive results. The frequency and diversity of strategic innovations adopted by brands, to get closer to consumers, are increasing, among them the highlight today is gamification, an action with […]

No pain, no gain! How to Use Gamification in Fitness Projects

Technology has directly impacted and changed the lives of human beings. Currently, one of the trends is Gamification in the search for fitness projects. Gamification, over time, has been given new meaning and gained greater notoriety. By encouraging the engagement and curiosity of users, the tool seeks to further promote the participation, interest, and involvement […]

Empower Gamification with Sprints Challenges

It’s hard to keep a team motivated. Among so many spreadsheets, sprints, deadlines, and deliveries are the complex tasks that interest any company. To assist in this process, Gamification has been gaining ground as a motivational tool for employees. This technique, which is seen as an arm of marketing, is currently used in many areas […]

Gamification: Positive Challenge for Sales Teams

Every professional needs motivation to be productive. Some manage to self-motivate, and gamification can be a helpful tool for workers. It gives them extra motivation, especially for those in sales teams. Therefore, companies are always looking for ways to engage their teams. Only in this way is it possible to have people focused and with […]

Gamification: 10 Ideas to Develop Education

Gamification in education is one of the examples of strategy that has been generating very positive results. It combines game reasoning with learning elements to develop students’ skills. The incorporation of technology in education collaborated with the development of innovative teaching methodologies. Also, gamification seeks to encourage student participation and the development of skills and […]

How to Develop Gamification in a Startup

For a long time, gamification has been a desire for many companies. They wish to create more competitiveness and motivation through their teams to speed up results. The use of gamification for startups is an idea that can help improve their processes and strengthen people management. This methodology is already a trend in traditional companies, […]

Gamification – How to Create a Rockstar Team

Gamification Are collaborators in your company working like teams, or groups? What if you could form true Rock Star Teams? If the motivation thermometer is barely warm up there, this GitScrum e-Book is your turnkey! See how Gamification is helping businesses of all areas heat motivation worldwide, driving healthy competitiveness and happier employees. Engage presential […]