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5 Outstanding Benefits for Great Lean Startups Practices

The first steps of a new business are always unsafe. After all, those who start an enterprise can feel lost due to a lack of experience and a large number of innovations in the market. Furthermore, even when the first obstacles are overcome, the challenges do not end: growing steadily and sustainably can be an […]

The 3 pillars of Scrum for all your business life

To work with Scrum pillars deals effectively with a changing world. Decisions are made on the basis of observation and experimentation, not the anticipation of detailed planning. Scrum pillars utilizes an empirical approach to adapt to changing customer requirements. The empirical approach is based on facts, experiences, and evidence. In particular, progress is based on […]

Diversify tasks with Kanban and expand the potential of your work

The Kanban Board is definitely one of the most important tools for those who use agile methods in their projects. Its usability relies on organizing tasks for every project you are involved in and makes your life easier to control all workflow. It may seem a little rusty tool, but when you are using it, […]

What are the leadership roles of a Scrum Master and an Agile Coach?

We’ve already seen definitions of Scrum and Agile. But now we are about to fly over some experts who are truly into Scrum and Agile methods, such as Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Both of them are evolutions of the practices of these methodologies and sometimes they might work separately or together. Some terms related […]