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The Key to Effective Project Management for Digital Agencies

As a digital agency, you need a robust and flexible project management tool to manage your tasks and collaborate with your team. That’s where GitScrum Board comes in. This powerful tool is designed to help you streamline your work and improve your productivity. The GitScrum Board is the main feature of GitScrum, and it is […]

Outstanding Achievements in Marketing Management with GitScrum Board

In order to keep track of tasks and moving them from start to finish, a GitScrum Board for Marketing Management is an excellent way to increase project deliverability. Not only does it help keep high standards, but it also aids in team communication and organization. By using this tool, you can achieve great things with […]

Chapter 7 – GitScrum Board

Meet what we can call, no doubt, the main GitScrum feature! Sure, all our features are beloved, but as long as you work with GitScrum, you will see they all relate to the GitScrum Board, your daily tool to work and collaborate with your team and manage your tasks. This amazing tool, as you’ve seen, […]

4 Construction Companies benefits from Scaling Scrum to Improve Team communication and Services

In recent years, the search for increasingly efficient processes has led the construction industry to reinvent itself exponentially. At the same time that we strive for faster preparation and execution of projects, continuously improving quality is also a priority. In this context, agile methodologies in civil construction have become very popular. Any construction project requires […]

Is it still worth to apply Design Thinking in a Project, or has Scrum taken its place?

Over time, many innovations have been increasing since the inception of the technology. The work has been one of the areas that have benefitted from some of these innovations, and Design Thinking brought some improvements for a vast of companies. In recent years, several approaches to solving problems in the corporate environment have emerged. In […]

Understand the difference between Large Scale Scrum and Scrum of Scrums to succeed in huge projects

As we’ve discussed in a previous post on Large at Scale Scrum, LeSS is the framework that seeks to apply the principles and ideals of scrum in a large-scale enterprise context as simply as possible through defined rules and guides. Its simplicity makes Large at Scale (LeSS) earn the label of a “barely sufficient” framework. […]

How to Create and Promote an Agile Culture inspired by Spotify Model

There is a concern in many organizations that the workflow process needs to be more accurate and assertive, in order to create an agile culture. Because of that, there are a lot of companies that are looking for a methodology that allows them to be more agile in their processes, which is processes related to […]

Kanban: 7 Tips to Take Over this Board

Kanban boards offer a system that instantly shows you which phase each project is in and who’s working on it. Because of their visual nature and flexibility, Kanban Boards have become popular project management tools. But what is a Kanban Board? How can you use a Kanban Board with your team, and are there some […]

Kanban to Plan your professional and personal life as a project

Have you ever thought of your life as a huge project? If so, congratulations, you are part of a very select group of people with a strategic vision of life. If not yet, it’s probably time to consider wondering if you are satisfied with the achievements so far, or join this special elite. Kanban boards […]