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Steps to Develop Customer-Centric Marketing with GitScrum

The relationship with customers (and brand new ones) comes from intelligent marketing strategies. Giving customer-centric marketing for your company means you want them to be part of the environment. And it goes to sales and profits in the end. When you drop new content for your product or service, your customers will see and desire […]

Apply your Marketing Vision with GitScrum

Marketing is an important area in every type of business. You must have it to help you increase your company, regardless of your target audience. To reach your team members with a powerful voice of the community, marketing vision is also a great weapon of belonging somewhere. Moreover, Marketing is about taking on your end-user, […]

How Agile Enables Marketers to Plan Better Content Strategies

Those who work professionally with project management must always be aware of new methodologies. They are the marketers, who are plenty and help the manager achieve quick and satisfactory results. When thinking of strategies in marketing, we think of content marketing, SEO, social media, guerrilla actions, co-marketing, and a multitude of other tactics that bring […]