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Sprint Standup: Strategies and Use Cases for Efficient Project Management

GitScrum Sprint Standup emerges as a powerful solution tailored to the needs of agile teams, offering a comprehensive suite of features to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration. In this article, we’ll delve into effective strategies for leveraging GitScrum Sprint Standup and explore real-world use cases to demonstrate its practical applications. Optimizing Workflow with GitScrum Sprint […]

From Integration to Innovation: Harnessing Webhooks for Project Success

Imagine a scenario where every task, update, or modification made in your project management tool seamlessly reflects across all relevant platforms. This is precisely where Webhooks step in as the unsung heroes of streamlined workflows. Let’s delve into the significance of Webhooks and how they elevate the functionality of GitScrum by synchronizing tasks with other […]

Freelance Billing: Unlocking Revenue Potential with Time Tracking

In the dynamic world of freelancing, mastering task management is paramount for success. From juggling multiple projects to meeting deadlines, freelancers often find themselves in a whirlwind of activities. To navigate this chaos effectively, leveraging tools like GitScrum can be a game-changer. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of a freelancer’s daily […]

Boosting Productivity with GitScrum: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of project management and software development, efficiency and productivity are paramount. As teams strive to meet deadlines, manage tasks, and collaborate effectively, having the right tools can make all the difference. GitScrum emerges as a robust solution, combining agile project management methodologies to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration. In this comprehensive guide, […]

How to Streamline Enterprise Workflows with GitScrum

GitScrum is an amazing tool that can be used to streamline workflows in enterprises of all sizes. It enables collaboration and communication between team members, and provides a platform for transparent task management. In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of GitScrum and how it can be used to improve enterprise workflows. The control & […]

Get Your Project Management Tool Lifetime Deal Now

Are you looking for a project management tool but don’t want to spend a fortune? Check out GitScrum’s Lifetime Deal! For a one-time payment, you can use GitScrum forever. It’s perfect for small business owners, freelancers, and anyone who wants to manage their projects more efficiently. What is GitScrum? GitScrum is a project management tool […]

How To Get Your Agile Scrum Foundation Certification in Brazil

Agile Scrum Foundation Certification is fast becoming the most popular certification for project managers. This is hardly surprising because the Agile Scrum methodology is currently seen as the best way to manage projects. If you want to get your Agile Scrum Foundation certification, Brazil is an excellent place to do it.  What is the Agile […]

How to Make Your Scrum Projects More Effective with GitScrum

GitScrum is a great project management tool that can be customized to fit the needs of your team. But how do you make sure your projects are using GitScrum in the most effective way possible? In this article, we’ll discuss some tips for making your GitScrum projects more successful. Skyrocket your WorkLife with GitScrum GitScrum […]

Productivity and Competitiveness: How to Increase Results in a Company

In the business world, there is a variety of market competition. To become a smarter worker, you need to produce efficiently to create great achievements. Productivity brings competitiveness as long as you have several players in the same segment developing and delivering new demands. There are different ways to work with the followers to seek […]

5 Steps to Impact Verbal Communication in your Company with Agile

To a company work well, leaders and whole staff need to talk. If there is no verbal communication to settle things up, your journey to succeed may fail. One of the main foundations of verbal communication in companies is the exchange of understandings and the attempt to give instructions or expose some rules in a […]

How to Keep Human Relations in Remote Work

Since the pandemic started, human relations in remote work have been a hot topic. Although the rhythm of work remained the same, the absence of physical meetings at work may be missed by most workers. In the work environment, in which the individual must live, share and cooperate with different people, the development of interpersonal […]

How to Create Leadership Styles for remote work with GitScrum?

By the time we are still leading with the pandemic Covid-19, remote workers need to keep the pace of working. Although many are struggling with organizing themselves between home and work activities, companies must have different leadership styles for remote work. Meanwhile, they developed new leaders to have great abilities to lead their teams at […]

How to Create a Motivating Environment for Home Office

Sometimes, working at home may be boring and senseless. Despite we are still living in a pandemic world, there are many employers who are trying to find a motivating environment to work remotely. This situation can be uncomfortable for some workers, but for others, it’s an opportunity to have more flexible time to produce more […]

How to Lead Hybrid Teams Efficiently with GitScrum

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many companies started a remote work process for their employers. As long as these issues are diminishing, they are looking for hybrid teams. This means a part of the employees works remotely and the other works in the company’s physical space. Remote work or home office, already used in some […]

Digital Marketing Careers: Explore Opportunities using GitScrum

One of the most popular areas, the careers in digital marketing is wide for those with an eye on digital skills. The internet has become fundamental in modern times in all aspects, including several job opportunities in the most diverse segments. The good news is that these companies can transform and perform well in the […]

8 Strategies to Promote Fitness Workers on the Web

As a fitness worker, you must probably be always looking for ways to surpass your own knowledge and offer the ultimate methodologies for your clients. Do you have any idea how to manage your activity as a business to make it grow, as well as your marketing and branding actions to promote you as an […]

Apply your Marketing Vision with GitScrum

Marketing is an important area in every type of business. You must have it to help you increase your company, regardless of your target audience. To reach your team members with a powerful voice of the community, marketing vision is also a great weapon of belonging somewhere. Moreover, Marketing is about taking on your end-user, […]

How to Stay Competitive in the Global Market?

Planning will always be necessary before implementing action in any competitive market. As a matter of fact, before even thinking about measures to obtain a profit, it is essential to prepare to act. Definitely one of the ways to do this is to use the competitive advantage in the market. Furthermore, becoming more competitive is […]

5 Remote Work Challenges and Solutions to Increase Productivity

Being able to perform your professional activities from anywhere is a hot topic. There are several advantages for companies and their employees, but processes and methodologies must be aligned. What little is said, however, is about the biggest challenges of remote work. Although working at home seems cozy and you make your schedule, it’s hard […]

Disruptive Personal Training with GitScrum – eBook for Fitness Workers

Are you a fitness worker, wondering how to adapt your work processes to the digital age? Would you like to offer more to clients locally, and also offer service while they are travelling? We are here to introduce you to GitScrum, the smartest project management tool, and its features for you to manage your fitness […]

Tech Recruiter: Hire and Work Everywhere with GitScrum Features

The market is in constant transformation and with it, some professions have emerged. The tech recruiter is an example of this. People specialized in recruiting and selecting technology professionals have become essential for companies. Many companies today have the need to create or increase their development team. They end up having some difficulties when using […]

7 Tips to Promote you as a Dietitian and Nutritionist with GitScrum

Are you a dietitian and nutritionist, looking for strategies to promote yourself as an expert worldwide? Did you know project management with GitScrum can help you? Consolidate your personal brand and be away from your competitors. We prepared some rich suggestions for you to apply integrated communication and make your previous efforts worthwhile. Today’s Competitive […]

How to Succeed at Remote Project Management with GitScrum

Managing remote project management is a specialized skill that requires communication and mediation skills, digital tools, and excellent planning and visualization programs. This scenario indicates that knowing how to manage remote teams is a very important skill to be developed by leaders and managers. Despite presenting several advantages, both for companies and for employees, the […]

Using the Pomodoro technique with GitScrum Time Tracking

With so many features in our roster, you can mix up some techniques to find better productivity and knowledge.  And using the Pomodoro technique is one of them. How about using it with GitScrum’s Time Tracking, which is a tool that you monitor your time to start and finish a task? They perfectly combine, because […]

GitScrum’s Killer Features for you to manage your Business and Projects

For managing a business or a project, you must need features to help you keep developing. Currently, in the job market, we have several solutions for online management systems, project management software, and several tools that can help your company to better organize all the sharing of tasks, workflow, etc. With the growth of the […]

10 Best Project Management Tools for Project Managers in 2022

The recent adoption of project management tools has skyrocketed many projects, with the rapid transition from workflow to home. To-do list, schedules, progress monitoring, and file sharing. These are just some project management tools that need to address to gain the attention of managers and gain the adherence of teams. Getting in touch with all […]

The Main Roles of an Enabler to Help your Company

Technological advances are constant and have reached the most diverse areas. With them, companies focused on innovation have been emerging for a long time. And the role of an enable is crucial in a company. Every activity that involves people is usually guided by a plan that was coordinated by someone and for some reason. […]

Rock your New Year Plan!

How was 2021 for you? Did you achieve everything you wanted? Don’t worry if not. There’s a whole new year coming. New energy, new hopes. In order to accomplish more and more, though, it’s time you started to organize your goals and projects, in case you didn’t yet. The last three years were very hard […]