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How to Boost your Productivity with 7 best Kanban Metrics

Agile has some domains that must be equally observed. Thus, for every result of a digital transformation, you must link to business results, and using kanban metrics is a way of measuring it. All companies have workflows so there is much to learn how to manage them. And many of the metrics in this post […]

How to Develop Efficient Team Workflow with Kanban Boards

Visualizing the workflow is critical to the success of a team and is the most important aspect of the Kanban method. Arguably, the strongest reason is this immediately impacts a team is a transparency it makes possible. With all work items visible on a shared board, everyone knows what’s to be done, who’s working on […]

Kanban vs Gantt Charts: What to Choose for your Agile Team?

Agile methodologies are sets of practices that aim to deliver fast. There are high-quality products or services and that promote a project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation. It includes Kanban and Gantt Chart. However, some managers manage to solve extremely complex problems through prioritization and division of tasks, but a situation like […]