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Ultimate Straightforward Communication among Scale Scrum Teams

The sixth principle of the Agile Manifesto, “The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to the development team is face-to-face conversation”, should be a wake-up call for the team’s internal communications. The broad and open communication of project members increases the visibility of problems, solutions and significantly reduces rework. For good communication, it […]

What is the difference of Large Scale Scrum and Extreme Programming?

Do you know the difference between Large at Scale Scrum and Extreme Programming methodology? These terms are very much in vogue in the IT and management area lately, but the excess of concepts can end up making it difficult for you to really understand the subject. In a technological environment where new concepts emerge every […]

7 great ways to Perform Organizational Design in Large Scale Scrum

All right, your strategy to scale productivity in your team has been great. But, when you realized that something is still missing, what could it be? Perhaps your organization is not designed the way your team understands every task they need to deliver, because they find it very confused. Today’s world is made up of […]

6 Steps for a Successful Large-Scale Organizational Agility

Do you know what organizational agility is? This is a subject that companies talk about in the corporate environment. Beyond the competition, the company needs to respond quickly to customers’ concerns. In addition, keeping up with technology is a must to maintain a prominent position in the market. Organizational agility implements people management techniques, internal […]

Understand the difference between Large Scale Scrum and Scrum of Scrums to succeed in huge projects

As we’ve discussed in a previous post on Large at Scale Scrum, LeSS is the framework that seeks to apply the principles and ideals of scrum in a large-scale enterprise context as simply as possible through defined rules and guides. Its simplicity makes Large at Scale (LeSS) earn the label of a “barely sufficient” framework. […]