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How to Create Leadership Styles for remote work with GitScrum?

By the time we are still leading with the pandemic Covid-19, remote workers need to keep the pace of working. Although many are struggling with organizing themselves between home and work activities, companies must have different leadership styles for remote work. Meanwhile, they developed new leaders to have great abilities to lead their teams at […]

Design Project Management with GitScrum eBook

Design Project Management with GitScrum eBook Are you longing to lead your design team to maximum performance? Let us introduce you to the right tool and techniques to obtain the most from your creative talents. Meet GitScrum, the smart project management tool that will help you manage all kinds of projects and support you to […]

Entrepreneurship and Leadership to lead teams

When we think about entrepreneurship and leadership, we may confuse them. For some, the entrepreneur is not always a leader, just as a leader is not always an entrepreneur. These are two very convergent actions because when you start a business, you automatically take it on and start to lead it. However, we need to […]

Leadership Styles: Understand the Leaders’ Roles

Leadership styles are fundamental functions for all professionals, especially for those who work with people or human resources management. With so many changes in the job market, company structures, management processes, and professional behavior, the concept of leadership are even more important in the daily lives of companies. To get to know the different types […]

Become an Exemplary Leader to Your Team with Scrum and Agile

Use the Scrum Framework to Become a better leader Leadership is a very rich topic, and it’s been discussed lately on the remote work context. There are several leadership styles and company profiles. So, it’s not possible to state that one single model or formula is suitable for every business and team. Each organization has […]