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Innovative Schools promote collaboration with these key resources

The digital age and the pandemic forced schools to intensify the updating of their management methods, contents, and tools to meet the needs of students and the community. New subjects and extracurricular activities have been emerging in recent years, such as robotics, astronomy, audiovisual editing, environmental education, numerous languages, entrepreneurship, gastronomy, among others. The Challenge […]

Event, Meeting & Convention Project Management GitScrum eBook

Are you longing to raise your team’s productivity and make stunning events? Here we are, to introduce you GitScrum, the smart project management tool that will change the way you manage your jobs, for good. To obtain the most from your creative talents, we recommend you learn some techniques and provide them a collaborative work […]

Chapter 18 – GitScrum Invoices, your billing power.

Skyrocket your work-life! GitScrum helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, agile teams, and SMBs increase their productivity and profitability. With this purpose, we created this new feature to facilitate and organize your financial and administrative tasks: GitScrum Invoices! This feature will help you control all your jobs, keep track of your billable hours an d issue your invoices […]