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Project Management for Agile Teams with GitScrum – eBook

GitScrum Agile eBook Do you believe it’s possible to take off to the highest standards with your agile team? And that the product owner and scrum master cycles can be even more efficient? We are positive about it! Learn the GitScrum way to manage projects and take Agile to the letter! We prepared this special […]

Translation & Interpreting Project Management eBook

Are you willing to achieve the highest standards in your translation & interpreting services? Well, you’ve got help to build your successful international career! This GitScrum eBook is for you: “TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETING PROJECT MANAGEMENT – The Guide for a Profitable Global Career in The Digital Age” Follow our hints to apply the Agile methodology […]

5 Steps to Execute a Scrum Methodology in your Project

You already know that using Scrum in your team is a must-want scenario in every single new task. You want a more fluid workflow and it is a reality that you might find it difficult to not implement any of Scrum methodology. “How can I start a Scrum move in my project”?, “How do I […]