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GitScrum’s Killer Features for you to manage your Business and Projects

For managing a business or a project, you must need features to help you keep developing. Currently, in the job market, we have several solutions for online management systems, project management software, and several tools that can help your company to better organize all the sharing of tasks, workflow, etc. With the growth of the […]

Rock your New Year Plan!

How was 2021 for you? Did you achieve everything you wanted? Don’t worry if not. There’s a whole new year coming. New energy, new hopes. In order to accomplish more and more, though, it’s time you started to organize your goals and projects, in case you didn’t yet. The last three years were very hard […]

Chapter 13 – GitScrum Mind Mapping, release your creative ideas!

Are you exploring 100% of your team’s creative side? Well, now you can! Better yet, not only do you have a tool to run collaborative brainstorms with your team, but to organize, sort, and display all the ideas you generate together. GitScrum Mind Mapping is your feature to catch the best ideas from your team’s […]