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Project Management for Agile Teams with GitScrum – eBook

GitScrum Agile eBook Do you believe it’s possible to take off to the highest standards with your agile team? And that the product owner and scrum master cycles can be even more efficient? We are positive about it! Learn the GitScrum way to manage projects and take Agile to the letter! We prepared this special […]

Scrum: How Teams Speed Up Productivity

Scrum is extensively used by software companies for product development. Therefore, you can apply this project management framework to any project that has complex requirements, aggressive deadlines, and a generous amount of uniqueness. This framework is specially designed for small and close-knit teams developing complex software products. But it was during the early 2000s that […]

Learn Organizational Agility from the Spotify Model and Its Lessons to Work Better with Your Team

The Spotify Model as an Inspiration The so-called Spotify Model is widely known as an approach for scaling Agile, focusing on workers’ collaboration in autonomous squads to empower businesses’ productivity. It helped Spotify late in 2011, and many other companies worldwide. Today, the company doesn’t use it fully anymore, but it’s part of their organizational […]