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Onboarding 2.0: How to Use Neurodiversity to Create a More Productive Workforce

Picture this: You’re a new hire at a company. You’re excited, nervous, and ready to start your new job. But when you get there, you realize that everything is foreign to you. The way your new team communicates is confusing, the software is difficult to use, and the process for completing your tasks is opaque. […]

How to Make Your Scrum Projects More Effective with GitScrum

GitScrum is a great project management tool that can be customized to fit the needs of your team. But how do you make sure your projects are using GitScrum in the most effective way possible? In this article, we’ll discuss some tips for making your GitScrum projects more successful. Skyrocket your WorkLife with GitScrum GitScrum […]

Plan, produce and manage successful Events and Conventions with Scrum

Did you take a while to get off the ground with the events and conventions you organized? Or when you showed the project ready to the client, did he/she ask for changes that involved all the planning? This is a very common commercial pain in the events business. The best thing to do in this […]

What are the leadership roles of a Scrum Master and an Agile Coach?

We’ve already seen definitions of Scrum and Agile. But now we are about to fly over some experts who are truly into Scrum and Agile methods, such as Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Both of them are evolutions of the practices of these methodologies and sometimes they might work separately or together. Some terms related […]

How to eliminate Bottlenecks in your business with Kanban?

One of the major problems in a team is delivering demands, tasks, or even a product at the right time. When was the last time your team delivered a product on time? No delays or any overtime made by certain members. Process bottlenecks are among the reasons why projects are delayed, budgets are blown with […]

Use the Nexus Framework to Scale Scrum with Positive Impacts to your Team and Work

Scrum is unarguably the best agile way to improve and bring better performance to your team. In order to oversee new procedures to scale Scrum in project management, Scrum[dot]org has brought the Nexus Framework to sustain products on the scale. In this article, you will understand what is the Nexus Framework and how you can […]

How to Create and Promote an Agile Culture inspired by Spotify Model

There is a concern in many organizations that the workflow process needs to be more accurate and assertive, in order to create an agile culture. Because of that, there are a lot of companies that are looking for a methodology that allows them to be more agile in their processes, which is processes related to […]

Kanban vs Scrum: What is the difference?

When we talk about project management, the words “Scrum” and “Kanban” are increasingly recurrent and sometimes are confused. With that said, we notice the meaning of each term and its main virtues to avoid misunderstandings and enable you to make the best choices for your team of developers. Agile methodologies emerged when the waterfall method […]

5 Steps to Execute a Scrum Methodology in your Project

You already know that using Scrum in your team is a must-want scenario in every single new task. You want a more fluid workflow and it is a reality that you might find it difficult to not implement any of Scrum methodology. “How can I start a Scrum move in my project”?, “How do I […]

User Stories: Valuable Innovations for Customers

Innovation has become worn jargon in the market today. We use it widely, sometimes inappropriately, but the point is it is the main challenge for companies of all areas. In a competitive world, innovative processes can determine marketing leaders, and innovative products can grant leadership for some time (until they get surpassed or imitated).

What is the Spotify Model’s Squad Structure?

Do you know the Spotify model? Or even, do you know the Squads that are into this model? This new and revolutionary model came at a time that Scrum took over project management tools and no one could oversee what would be next in line to favor different (and efficient) approaches. Spotify is a music […]