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The Roles of Agile for a Powerful Sales Management

Sales management presupposes dedicating oneself to a series of activities to guide, lead and monitor sales production, the productivity of sales teams; forwarding sales actions and strategies, and evaluating the results obtained. What we call Agile Sales Management is using an approach similar to agile software development and project management methodologies to turn sales management […]

What is the difference of Large Scale Scrum and Extreme Programming?

Do you know the difference between Large at Scale Scrum and Extreme Programming methodology? These terms are very much in vogue in the IT and management area lately, but the excess of concepts can end up making it difficult for you to really understand the subject. In a technological environment where new concepts emerge every […]

What’s more engaging – Individual Goals or Squads Goals, like the Spotify Model’s?

If a company wants to obtain excellent results, it is essential to have a high-performance team. For this, two elements must be present. The first one is the people themselves: you need professionals with the right profile, in terms of skills. The second element is the team organization methodology. Among the available alternatives, the squad […]

Kanban: 7 Tips to Take Over this Board

Kanban boards offer a system that instantly shows you which phase each project is in and who’s working on it. Because of their visual nature and flexibility, Kanban Boards have become popular project management tools. But what is a Kanban Board? How can you use a Kanban Board with your team, and are there some […]

Scrum at Scale or SAFe – Find the Agile Framework that works best for Your Team

Agile is a new way of working, which is a change in the mindset of project progress. So, what to choose: Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) or Scrum at Scale? Both are among the most used agile frameworks that promote several benefits for project management and increase companies’ productivity. Whichever you use to apply, you must […]

5 Scrum Principles to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Scrum is a pearl among project managers. Once you master this methodology, you will find several options to display results faster and more efficiently. There are scrum principles that are part of the team’s producitivity. The goal to create the Scrum methodology was to make the development of projects more agile and reliable. Make it […]