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Small and Medium Companies: how to scale your results?

The Agile Methodology has been applied by more and more companies, including small and medium. With the digital transformation, technological resources became part of absolutely all business models, and this also changed management. In this scenario, the Agile Methodology emerged, an efficient solution for companies to eliminate flaws in their processes and carry out more […]

4 Construction Companies benefits from Scaling Scrum to Improve Team communication and Services

In recent years, the search for increasingly efficient processes has led the construction industry to reinvent itself exponentially. At the same time that we strive for faster preparation and execution of projects, continuously improving quality is also a priority. In this context, agile methodologies in civil construction have become very popular. Any construction project requires […]

Scaling Scrum for People and Enterprise’s Alignment

One of the reasons for the success of a company is the enterprise’s alignment with workers. Although there are important positions in every enterprise, the joint of all members to one goal can bring outstanding results, when everyone understands the culture of the organization, as well as feels part of a good work environment. And […]